Konstantin Held wins the WPT main event in Cambodia

Konstantin Held won the inaugural WPT Championship in Cambodia on Monday, securing the top prize of $361,310. It was the first Main Tour stop outside North America since 2017. Nagaworld Integrated Resort had previously held WPT Prime events, but this was the first time a full-fledged WPT Main Tour event was held in Cambodia.

Held entered the nine-handed final table as the chip leader with 7.275 million chips, but it looked to be a hard-fought race for the trophy. Four other players – Jianfeng Sun, Amit Kaushik, Kyle Bao Diep and Joshua Mccully – all had over 5 million chips. Florent Remi had 4.775 million and both Kou Vang and Motoyoshi Okamura had over 2 million. Anthony Cierco was the short stack with just 525,000 chips.

When Held eliminated Sun in 7Th He finished at 12,100 million and made it to the “official” six-handed final table with 13,600 million four hands.

It took exactly 100 hands of the official final table for the first elimination to take place. Of course it was Konstantin Held who eliminated Diep in 6 secondsTh Space to expand his stack to 16,550 million chips.

Kaushik was out next and was sent to the rail by Mccully, who also defeated Okamura in 4 a few hands laterTh Location.

Shortly afterwards, the three remaining players agreed on a deal. Held received $350,910, Remi received $302,019 and McCully received $277,291. They left no money on the table but agreed to play for the honor of the WPT title, trophy and $10,400 WPT World Championship spot (the $10,400 value is in included in the official prize amount).

Despite the lack of money to play for, the three men took the rest of the tournament seriously, needing dozens of hands to advance to the next elimination. Remi was the one eliminated in 3approx Place, was eliminated by McCully, who hit the nut flush on the turn.

And with that, Mccully went heads-up with a huge lead after Held had led for most of the day. McCully's advantage: 29.725 million to 8.275 million.

However, on the third hand of heads-up play, Held doubled with AK against A-8 to get within range. And three hands later, he doubled again to take a nearly 2.5 to 1 lead.

Held continued to increase his lead and it was soon over. Mccully went 9-7 for 4,800 million and Held called with K-5. Neither player scored anything, so it was hero who…held…and won the first-ever WPT Cambodia title.

2024 WPT Cambodia Main Event – ​​Final Table Results

  1. Konstantin Held – $361,310
  2. Joshua McCully – $277,291
  3. Florent Remi – $302,019
  4. Motoyoshi Okamura – $157,858
  5. Amit Kaushik – $118,906
  6. Kyle Bao Diep – $90,532
  7. Jianfeng Sun – $69,678
  8. Kou Vang – $54,212
  9. Anthony Cierco – $42,647

Photo credit: Flickr.com / World Poker Tour

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