Jordan Saccucci actually showed up at the WSOP paradise despite being suspected in a break-in

Former Prague EPT champ Jordan Saccucci, prime suspect in an Ontario burglary, somehow thought it was a good idea to show up at WSOP Paradise over the weekend. He played on Day 1B of the Main Event.

Saccucci didn't make it to the second day, not because he was knocked out by an opponent, but because he was actually thrown off the property. Accordingly PokerNews.comThe Atlantis Paradise Island Casino decided he was not welcome at the resort, and the World Series of Poker had no problem with that decision.

The reason for Saccucci's removal has not been made public, but one would think it has to do with the charges he is currently facing in Canada and that he is simply not welcome at the property.

As we previously reported, Halton, Ontario Regional Police announced that 33-year-old Saccucci is one of four men wanted in connection with a string of home burglaries in Halton, metropolitan Toronto and southern Ontario.

On November 21, police executed a search warrant for the suspects' homes and found items believed to have been stolen from local residences. Police said the suspects often approached homes with their faces covered (sometimes wearing surgical masks, probably because no one would think twice about them in the time of COVID), but when confronted by a homeowner they would make some sort of excuse , why they were there and then leave.

After the search warrants were issued, police searched for all four suspects for a few weeks, but all four have since been arrested. So it's not like Saccucci was suddenly on the run from WSOP Paradise.

Saccucci and Dumark Lindsay were arrested on December 5th. Paul Nkrumah was arrested earlier this week while in possession of a vehicle that police said was stolen. The fourth suspect, Marcel Blackburn, was arrested on December 8th. All were charged with 68 burglary offenses.

They were held pending bail hearings, but it looks like Saccucci was released on bail or else it would have been even stranger for him to appear at WSOP Paradise.

Saccucci won the EPT Prague Main Event 2022 almost exactly a year ago and collected more than $900,000. The Main Event kicked off Day 1A yesterday and while we would normally say that there is no way Saccucci would attempt to defend his title given his legal troubles, we should probably never say never now.

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