NFL Week 9 2023: Big Games Mark Weekend Slate

We’ve reached the halfway point of the 2023 NFL season and it’s certainly been an entertaining season. Of course, we have some of the usual suspects that made it to the top – notably Kansas City, Philadelphia and San Francisco – but there were some surprises too. Who would have thought that the Miami Dolphins would start 2023 so well? Or the Baltimore Ravens? The Jacksonville Jaguars?

With every up there has to be a down (that whole “yin/yang” thing). It’s almost embarrassing to say you’re a Las Vegas Raiders fan at this point, given the dysfunction that has gripped the team (the first to fire its head coach in the 2023 season), but the New England Patriots were surprisingly bad this year – is this Dark Hoodie’s last season on the sidelines? The remainder of the 2023 season will be the deciding factor for these and many other teams.

There’s a huge list of big games on the roster for the 2023 NFL Week 9 schedule, and we’re staying away from one of them. The Dallas/Philadelphia bias It will be a tough game as the Cowboys have a solid record coming off their bye week, but they are headed to the home of an Eagles team looking to maintain control of the NFC East. Therefore we will not make a choice there.

However, we’ll look at one of the other big games on this week’s roster. As always, all advice is for entertainment purposes only, but make sure each selection has been carefully considered (Home Team in CAPITAL LETTERS).

Miami Dolphins vs. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS (-1.5)

I wish I had gotten on this line earlier in the week. Kicking things off were the Chiefs (-5.5), a complete miss in the books for a neutral field game taking place on Sunday morning in Germany (what a way to reward people for this “throwback” hour from Daylight Saving Time! ). Add to that the fact that the Dolphins came to Frankfort earlier in the week to get acclimated to the area (the Chiefs didn’t arrive until Friday), and I would have preferred to get my money’s worth with a complete failure on the books.

The actual data also says this game’s opening line for NFL Week Nine was way off. The Dolphins have an advantage in the running game, the receiving corps is in favor of the “Fins” and the defense is equal. The only area where you could perhaps say the Chiefs have an advantage is QB Patrick Mahomes over Dolphin QB Tua Tagovailoa and coaching (despite his time management issues, I would choose Andy Reid over Michael McDaniel). I’m leaning towards the Dolphins as the outright winner of this game.

CHOOSE: Dolphins +1.5

Buffalo Bills v. CINCINNATI BENGALS (-2.5)

The Bills started Week 9 in the NFL as the leaders (with a 1.5 point lead), but as the week progressed the Bengals took over. The Bengals are on a great streak right now, with a big win over the 49ers as part of a three-game winning streak. What concerns me, however, is the fact that Buffalo is coming off a long layoff after defeating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers ten days ago. I think the Bengals are the pick in this game as Joe Burrow appears to have gotten over his early season slump and has more weapons than Bills QB Josh Allen.

CHOOSE: Bengal -2.5

Seattle Seahawks vs. BALTIMORE RAVENS (O/U 44.5)

These two teams have long been known for their defense, but also have some strong offensive threats. The Ravens have moved to the top of the AFC North with an average of over 25 points per game, while the Seahawks are having no trouble at 24 points per game. These teams won’t be running up and down the field against each other (and you can probably expect at least one defensive touchdown between the two teams), but I can see them going over the allotted 44.5 mark.


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