The GGMasters Overlay Edition returns to GGPoker on February 18th

The GGMasters Overlay Edition returns to GGPoker this month, with two weekends of a very lucrative tournament for players.

As the name suggests, GGPoker knows that there is a high chance of getting stuck when paying an overlay. That was certainly the case in both 2022 and 2023. Why would a poker room do something like that? Marketing. Call it a loss leader. Bring players with the appeal of an overlay to a relatively cheap tournament and many of them may stay to play other games.

The $150 buy-in event is a freezeout tournament, making it much easier for an overlay to occur. And with a guaranteed prize pool of $10 million, it's going to take a lot of players for GGPoker to not be on the hook for at least a little something.

Since $138 of the entry fee goes into the prize pool, that means 72,464 players need to be present to avoid overlay.

There are three Day 1A flights, all on Sunday February 18th. Asia Day 1A begins at 12:00 UTC, Europe is at 17:00 UTC and America begins at 22:00 UTC.

Day 1B will take place on Saturday, February 24th at 17:00 UTC, and Day 1C will take place again on February 25th at the same time as the previous week. Day 1D is Monday, February 26th at 12pm UTC. There is also a Day 1D Last Chance flight on February 26th at 15:00 UTC.

Day 2, the final day of the GGMasters Overlay Edition, is February 26th and also starts at 19:00 UTC.

“There is no other tournament like the GGMasters Overlay Edition – a freezeout with a reasonable buy-in, a huge guarantee and the possibility of a big win!” said GGPoker Global Ambassador Daniel Negreanu in Announcement of the tournament. “Last year we saw an overlay of $1 million; Who knows what lies ahead in 2024?”

GGPoker CEO Sarne Lightman called the tournament “a cornerstone of GGPoker’s commitment to giving back to our community.”

As Negreanu mentioned, last year's GGMasters Overlay Edition was good for players. There were 64,622 entries, which is amazing, but that was still miles away from the number needed with the $10 million guarantee. So the overlay was $1,082,164.

Negreanu had guaranteed an overlay of $1 million and offered his own money if the prize pool exceeded $9 million. That wasn't the case, so he didn't have to dip into his credit.

The 2022 edition of the GGMasters Overlay Edition was plagued by technical issues, but still made it to the end with a $334,772 guarantee against a $5 million guarantee.

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