Video replay with cards revealed: the Main Event Galactic Series final table with Di Giacomo and Favia

The Main event The Galactic Series ended this evening with an exceptional podium where we find Claudio “cladigia” Di Giacomo and Francesco “ilmessia84” Favia.

Now there is the opportunity to do this to check all the Final table which led to the victory of ‘AssoVerdeKk’, thanks Video playback with exposed maps found below Page.

Let’s remember that the vision Success at the final table can lead to you improving at poker, but first it’s better to understand who the players are that we’ll be seeing in action.

Main Event Galactic Series the protagonists

In addition to the experienced Di Giacomo and Favia, there were actually other players who had well over a thousand tournaments under their belt on PokerStars.

However, three players had little experience in the online MTTs of the red spade poker room: one is the winner “AssoVerdeKk”.

Here is the table that summarizes the results of the final table participants based on the statistics available online: Remember that the acronym “abi” stands for average buy-ini.e. the average buy-in of the tournaments played.

Bonus comparator

This comparator compares the welcome bonuses that can currently be checked on the websites of Italian operators. This table is informative and the operators are displayed in random order.

player Registration Number of tournaments Abi balance
AssoVerdeKK 2019 103 €2.79 ND
Cladygia 2012 5,200 €19.53 ND
ilmessiah84 2009 7,076 €77.15 +97,348 €
Thief1982 2009 1,884 €18.06 +33,365 €
Thematthaze September 18 €65.19 ND
majimbu3 2012 2,354 €18.04 +1,093 €
BERNISCONI September 18 €88.56 ND
Gino.33.88 2017 5,953 €24.46 -31,224 €
Luciotakes2 2009 1,491 €23.87 +34,457 €

Payout at the final table of the Galactic Series Main Event

And here is this Payout of the final table of Main event Galactic series. Obviously the progressive knockout formula that does this needs to be taken into account Price of the winner is much larger than that of the second classified thanks sizes.

1) €27,068
2) €27,066
3) €16,059
4) €11,447
5) €8,160
6) €5,816
7) €4,146
8) €2,955
9) €2,106

Video recording of the Galactic Series Main Event

To start playback, simply click on the box with the mouse:

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