Qualify online for major live tournaments with PokerStars Power Path

Play i big tournaments of live poker is one of the Goals of all fans of Texas Hold’em.

With the launch of Power Path on the Italian PokerStars expansion, the opportunity to qualify is now available on-line for the most important live poker events.

This is how Power Path works

Power Path is a path of qualification to big tournaments live which starts at one Spin&Go from 50 cents and thereafter Two steps close the door the final oneaccessible only through qualification of STEP 3.

PowerPath Buy in Game Prize pool guaranteed
STEP 1 €0.50 / Free Spin&Go Variable – see table below
STEP 2 €1 – €1.50 Sit’n’Go Hyper 8-max
1 STEP 3 ticket
20/30/50 STEP 3 tickets
STEP 3 10€ MTT 30 STEP 4 tickets
STEP 4 Only with ticket MTT Gold/Silver/Bronze Pass

Power Path: Step 1

The first Step The Power Path is a 50 cent entry Spin & Go that can also be played once a day for free (by collecting a daily rake of at least one cent at tournaments or cash game tables and then going to the “Challenge” section of the PokerStars client).

Mostly those pull When you start spinning you will receive a gift ticket for Phase 2 Power Path, but there is also the possibility of finding a ticket for it Phase 3 or one of the Power Passes. Here are the options extraction Phase 1 Power Path initial Spin&Go prize pool:

Forgive chance
Gold Power Pass from €9,300 1 in 1,000,000
Silver Power Pass from €2,300 10 out of 1,000,000
€100 Bronze Power Pass 500 out of 1,000,000
€10 ticket for Power Path Phase 3 12,000 out of 1,000,000
Sit & Go ticket from €1.50 for phase 2 of Power Path 380,422 out of 1,000,000
1 euro multi-table tournament ticket for Power Path Phase 2 607,067 out of 1,000,000

step 2

The second “step” of the force path is as mentioned double: in addition to the €1.5 Hyperturbo Sit’n’Go, which is always available in the lobby and starts every time you log in 8 registeredin the schedule there is MTT Hyperturbo with a number of ticket for STEP 3 varies depending on time.

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Bonus comparator

This comparator compares the welcome bonuses that can currently be checked on the websites of Italian operators. This table is informative and the operators are displayed in random order.

step 3

The third Step The climb consists of a Turbo tournament from €10 with offers and raffles up to 50 hits for STEP-4.

The tournament starts with 10,000 chips of stack and first level 40/80 Ante 8. The levels last 4 minutes and late registration is possible 45 minutes.

Step 4

Unlike the previous steps, access to the STEP-4 Power Path is only possible thanks to the ticket won in STEP-3. The final steps are scheduled every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

On weekdays there are Silver and Bronze passes up for grabs, while on Sundays there are Gold passes, which are the most sought after as they allow access to the world’s most prestigious live tournaments.

Power Path Live Tournaments

Silver passes, on the other hand, allow participation in regional live tournaments such as ESPT or Eureka. Bronze Passes are €100 tickets that can be used to replay Step 4 or online tournaments such as Sunday Special and Night On Stars.

The live tournaments that the Gold Passes (worth €9,300) and Silver Passes (value €2,300) grant access to can be viewed in the Events->Live tab of the PokerStars Lobby.

Live Pokerstars Power Path Tournaments

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