Poker Live: Zanasi unassailable in the main event at Kings, what numbers in San Marino

Live Poker with Line Bounce between the Czech Republic and San Marino.

At King’s Casino we speak Italian on the first day €2,350 Main Event Big Wrap PLO €500,000 GTD. Thanks to Massimiliano Zanasi Second round leader with 936,000 chips. With him four more blues, including Dario Alioto And Alessandro De Michele.

There are now more and more crowds in San Marino 590 € Skill Poker Poker Master which guarantees a prize pool of half a million euros. Lots of familiar faces and two leaders like Luca Coser and Giuseppe Lo Mastro Filippo Candio in loose cannon version.

Let’s look at this in detail.

Big Wrap PLO: Zanasi dictates the main event

Positive news for ItalPoker, who have chosen Rozvadov Big Wrap PLO, the event dedicated to Pot Limit Omaha. On day 1B of €2,350 Main Event There are five of our compatriots who will receive the pass for the second day and that means we will have it 7 Bel Paese players on the starting line of day 2.

Massimiliano Zanasi He is the cover man for this round thanks to the perfect performance that earned him first place in the count. For the class leader, 936,000 parts and a decent lead over the rest of the ranks. It also stands out Giorgio Donzelli which accumulates 204,000 chips.

Then it’s the turn of the Aliotos: the usual Dario, who leaves elimination behind €10,000 Platinum High Roller and essentially continues the adventure with 189,000 units. Piero Alioto Instead, he is not far away with 158,000 chips. Finally, a “Mai Domo” concludes the local count Alessandro De Michele who have to try to change the pace at 134,000.

The €2,350 Main Event A total of 128 players took part, the same number as the day before 256 paying customers and the guaranteed prize pool of 500,000 Euro that is exceeded. 56 returns today for Day 2, with the level 2,000-4,000 Big Blind Ante 4,000 And only when hostilities resume will we know the payoff.

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The top 10

Skill Poker Master: 750 entries in San Marino

Important numbers from San Marino for the €590 Skill Poker Master €500,000 GDT: 737 paying people waiting for the last round in the speed version, which will be played at lunchtime today. After I 223 Inputs from day 1A egg 161 Buy-ins were paid out on Day 1B, yesterday was a peak of emotion.

Day 1C took part 208 Player e 52 from them receive the pass for the second day. Paolo Coser With 835,000 pieces he is the leader of the round and has a clear lead over the rest of the field, considering that the first pursuer is Lucio Gentili, who has collected 555,000 pieces.

Excellent performance for the various Antonio Scalzi (432,000), Luca Delfino (403,000), Marcello Miniucchi (215,000), Filippo Candio (173,000), Michele Guerrini (156,000) and Gabriele Gabrieli (94,000).

In the evening, Day 1D, take part 158 Entrances. you will be 45 to complete the turning point and therefore at the moment they are 209 Players have secured a spot on Day 2 and are waiting for Day 1E. Back to the fourth round he leads the count Giuseppe Lo Mastro with 509,000 units.

In the top ten there are various Donatella Brevi (478,000), Simone DeMasi (393,000) and a revenant Fabrizio “Biccio” Ascari (285,000). We also find Simone Locatelli (253,000), Riccardo Saraniero (142,000), Antonio Rutigliano (122,000) and Ettore Ricci (68,000).

The top 10 from day 1C…

  1. COSER LUCA 835000
  2. DEAR LUCIO 555000
  3. HÜLLER CLAUDIO 495000
  5. SCALZI ANTONIO 432000
  7. PAGANI MARIO 410000
  8. DELFINO LUCA 403000
  9. NICCO NICOLA 355000
  10. LENZI MARIO 347000

…the top 10 from day 1D

  3. CAROLLO PAOLO 471000
  4. DEMASI SIMONE 393000
  9. DIANA LUIGI 313000
  10. ASCARI FABRIZIO 285000

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