Hackers in action in Las Vegas: Caesars Entertainment “paid tens of millions” to stop an attack

A ransom from “tens millions of dollars” to make it stop the attack and avoid that hacker disseminate the data sensitive from which they had entered possession.

According to the portal Bloombergjust like that Caesars Entertainment She managed to get it to stop The cyber attack whose topic it has been since last year August 27th.

Driver’s license and social security information stolen

The company, which, in addition to the famous casino on the Strip, also owns the rights to the WSOP brand, was targeted by a group hacker known as “Scattered Spider” or UNC 3944.

THE Components they are young Adult who live and can in the USA and the UK login in into the databases of large companies skills exceptional in mechanical engineering Social.

In case of attack on Caesars it seems that I Computer pirates have violated a Provider external and thereby Access then they would be able to do it input in the network of Pursue.

Last Thursday, Caesars confirmed that the Intruders You managed to get this sensitive data of licenses and social insurance of the members of his Loyalty program.

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“We did what we had to do to ensure that the stolen data was deleted by those who had it without authorization, although we cannot guarantee this outcome – Caesars said in a statement.

Attack on MGM underway

During the attack on Caesars apparently stopped as a result of the payment of ransomHackers targeted the MGM Group.

More than one dozen of the group’s hotels and casinos had to To block all operations as a result of a cyber attack of the last days. According to the statements of Guests on social media Averagethe hacker attack in the truest sense of the word worn any type of activity.

The ATM and that one armed bandits They don’t work as well as I do Restaurants and there is no way to do that input in the rooms with the digital keys.

An MGM source confirmed this to USA Today problem:

“We notified law enforcement and took immediate action to protect our systems and the data stored on them, including shutting down some systems. Our investigation is ongoing and we are working diligently to determine the nature and scope of the matter.”

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