As a new discovery at HLC, he moves ahead by 4-6 seconds and then loses to K-Jo

We have gotten to know some aggressive players in recent years and we have introduced just as many to you through our portal, but there seems to be something new in the panorama International cash game and above all in one of the most attended shows among fans of this specialty, the live broadcast Hustler Live Casino.

“The King” on HCL

Let’s talk about it “The king“, which has taken its first steps on the American show in the last few days and was broadcast on the gaming house’s YouTube channel in the evening of Wednesday, lost a huge pot, piquing the curiosity of hundreds of fans who didn’t want to miss out Live streaming.

To give you an understanding of the character, also an entrepreneur from Kansas, he went all-in before the flop on Tuesday’s episode $25,000 with 4 6reveals his cards and finds the call of “Luda Chris” who, on the contrary, is a regular visitor to HLV streaming and has called 8x – 9x.

After losing his plate, “The King” got up from the table and returned the next day angrier than ever.

Wednesday’s episode

Stay true to your character”everything by chance“On Wednesday evening, almost at the beginning of the session, he was standing in front of a 3Bet a $600sending all the ups and downs in the middle KJ for a total of $50,000received the call from “Yoda” for $29,000 with AxKx who, however, had to chew the bitter taste on a board Kx 9x 10x Jx Jxleaving his opponent with a pot of about $60,000.

But that is not all. In the final hand of the stream on Wednesday, “The King” decided to play his entire stack $88,000 He used it against “Pepe,” who was covering for him.

The two each revealed K 8th and only a 9but the live streaming graph still gave a 7 by Pepe.

The flop gave the King top two pair, but was very ineffective against his opponent’s set: 7 K 7.

This flop caused “The King” to utter unkind words and give orders to his rival compared to what he thought of his hand give me your money!“. and thinks that he now has his opponent in the bag.

Turn and river or 5 and 10They completed the board and Pepe slammed his 7 over the table vehemently and took home a pot of over $176,000.



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