Tips from Lex Veldhuis for bluffing in cash games

bluff at the poker table for WIN the plate with his hand worse it’s a real one Art.

To master it, it is necessary long Study, but to get started bluff with full knowledge of the situation he comes to our aid Lex Veldhuis.

In one Video Published on YouTube, the professional from the PokerStars team provided useful tips for bluffing benefit at the tables Cash games.

Understand areas

At the beginning, Lex points this out the importance to understand how ranges work in cash games and how they change depending on the game position at the table. In addition, careful evaluation is required Range The opponent.

According to Veldhuis, this is not the case for most players justa very own strategy enough in the passage come on Tournaments at money tables: hence the tendency to play too many speculative hands from the top positions in the table.

When to bluff

The Dutchman explains a lot in the video Key principles bluff successfully in games Cash games. The first thing that Veldhuis highlights is that the candidate for a is enough bluff It’s the weak ones who have them few value of Showdown. Hands that many other hands can’t beat Your range They are good candidates for bluffs.

Bonus comparator

This comparator compares the welcome bonuses that can currently be checked on the websites of Italian operators. This table is informative and the operators are displayed in random order.

You also need to pay attention to this bluff with hands that block the opponent’s stronger hands. The size of Bets is another important factor bluff.

Low pairs play

In the cash game, low pairs are hands profitablebut you have to learn it manage them the best of all position the table.

According to Lex there late position everything can be opened coupleswhile he recommends the opening from an early position 77 to go up. Pay to see this Flop and try it set at medium/low torques it is Key that’s what Veldhuis offers.

Defend the blinds

According to Lex, this is what you have to do Defend the blinds with a knife between his teeth because there is no way to benefit from it fold. For this reason, he recommends developing a series of Tribet light from the blinds, and to be special selectively on the hands with which one can call Small Blindin view of this in Postflop They will play out of position and with it Disadvantage the range. For Veldhuis you can Call Winning hands speculative who have the opportunity to do so Flop In a way you can then play good draws aggressive.

Basic cash games

Of course, Lex emphasizes the importance of Basics of cash game games. Select the suitable matches to your credit, get up when you are tired, take note Use a random generator on opponents if you are unsure bluff or value betting are factors that are combined with concepts strategically As described above, they will help you build a solid winning strategy for the tables Cash Games.

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