Erik Seidel and 25 years of Rounders: “Sometimes it’s nice to be considered poor at all”

In the week that began yesterday there is a date to honor, Monday, September 11th and that takes us straight to the film’s twenty-fifth birthday, which really was cinematic mecca the modern game of poker and especially Texas Hold’Em, “Rounders – The Player”.

The anniversary of a legendary film

So this year there will be 25 candles, blown out by all those who made this film unforgettable thanks to a fantastic cast, a solid story and a whole series of character descriptions that leave little to the imagination and which, on the contrary, are welcomed by common scenes of everyday life.

Many fragments of the work directed by John Dahl were captured in the corners of New York where alley poker was actually played, where there are players of all levels who really cut their teeth in the city’s clubs, just like the Chesterfield Club, which, according to the director’s intentions with the work, it must have been very similar to that Apple City’s Mayfair Club, where many players who later became true poker legends like Stu Ungar And Steve Zolotov.

Pokernews has heard about it in the last few days Erik Seidel, who appears in a cameo in the film and returns to this story.

Erik Seidel and Rounders

The talented and experienced player who was born in New York, In his career he won about eight bracelets in the World Series Of Poker, and one of the first miracles of his playing career, or rather the first one that started it all, was the last duel against him Johnny Chan at the 1988 World Cup, Heads Up, which is part of one of the most famous scenes from Rounders.

The scene you should also remember shows Mike McDermottinterpreted by Matt Damon, who sits in his apartment watching the heads-up battle between Seidel and Chan, which resulted in the latter winning his second straight Main Event.

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Seidel, who was 29 at the time of the tournament, was not fascinated by the idea of ​​being portrayed as a player who allowed himself to become obsessed with Chan, like Petra, a character in the film he played Famke Janssen.

I don’t think it took me long to realize that there was a lot of truth in that; I didn’t play particularly well against Chan, and secondly, I thought that was very good John Dahl, the director, wanted to make a film about poker. I had been a fan of his, I had seen it Red Rock West And The final seduction I thought she was great. So it was exciting to me that he was going to make a poker movie. And so I came to the conclusion pretty quickly that it was still nice to be in the film. This even if I had to make a fool of the situation“.

“I think the film should be given He is credited with getting people into poker, continued Seidel. “I think a lot of people who saw it were excited about the idea of ​​making a living playing poker. So it was a very influential and impactful film for the players.”

I think I met Matt (Damon) some time later, he was playing a cash game in the Bellagio. And I have to say that I think it is nice guy. It’s really. I’ve played with him a few times since then. She’s a down-to-earth celebrity, which can’t be easy when you’re a star of this magnitude“.

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