Video recording with cards revealed: the Galactic Series final table with Piroddi, Giuliani, Giudice and Favia

Make yourself comfortable and prepare some chips and popcorn because if you want to improve at poker, you’ll find what you need here.

At the bottom of this page you can see the open video replay of Galactic Series event number 34, €75 Space Invaders 7-Max PKO, won by Federico “IFOLDACES4U” Piroddi.

The Milanese grinder established himself in a field of absolute respect: the final table also included Giovanni “Vop444” Giudice, Francesco “ilmessia84” Favia and Gianluigi “AA-GIANLU-AA” Giuliani.

Many regular level from which it is possible steal You can identify important details by paying attention to the correct details when watching the video playback.

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Payout Galactic Series-034, €75 Space Invaders 40,000 GTD

Here is the payoff of Final table You can find them below Video playback. The prices Money are of fundamental importance for the evaluation improve Game option based on the Independent Chip Model, but we remind you here Final table The ICM is influenced by Present from that sizes progressive.

Pos. Forgive
1 €3,856.10
2 €3,855.43
3 €2,160.53
4 €1,485.7
5 €1,021.65
6 €702.54
7 €483.10
8th €353.97

Video playback of the Galactic Series

To start playback, simply click the mouse in the field.

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