Charlie Carrel with a light heart: The poker elf tells his world

Since we first told you about it, there have been a lot of rivers on the tables English boy Protagonist of an extraordinary rise, who regularly competed with the then PokerStars team professional Christian Favale.

Since then, Charlie Carrel has become one of the most respected professionals in the world while maintaining his “poker eleven” aura.

In recent years the Englishman has married, become a father and taught poker at university. In an interview with the PokerStake portal, Charlie Carrel answered questions about his personal life and gave a curious insight into what goes on in his head.


In the first part of the interview, Charlie Carrel answers his favorite things.

The TV show repeats: “Kill Tony, it’s a stand-up comedy show.”

The book to take with you to a desert island: “Probably the Bible or the Bhagavad Gita. I’m not religious, but I would at least have a lot to learn and think about.”

The song he could listen to forever: “Gayatro Mantra, maybe in the Deva Premal version”.

The place to play poker: “Vegas, the atmosphere is electric and the people are so different.”

The next morning you will be executed, what do you have for your last meal? “Some Ayahuasca with some fruit”


What he misses most: “My spiritual teacher, she’s too busy.”

The one you would like to meet: “Nikolas Tesla, if I can also choose people who are no longer here.”

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If you couldn’t play in the WSOP Main Event next year, who would you send to play instead of your family?

“My wife, for memes. He doesn’t know the rules of poker, but I think he can read people better than 100% of the top poker players.

You only have ten seconds to spend with the person of your dreams. What do you think? “Hello Anna, good morning”.


When was the last time you tipped: “This morning. I have chosen to live a chaotic and wonderful life with my wife.

What is your best poker skill? “Understanding people and reading live – I think I’m the best in the world at that.”

And your biggest leak? “Patience”

If I could change one rule of poker, what would it be: “I would introduce more poker formats, I wouldn’t change anything about the ones that currently exist.”

You have the choice between playing poker every day for a year or giving up poker for a whole 12 months: which do you choose? “No poker, freedom is everything”.

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