The POY and GPI Rankings: Who are the best live tournament players of 2023?

With EPT Barcelona in the archives and the final quarter of play arriving, let’s take a look at the live tournament player rankings in 2023.

As usual, we refer to the Global Poker Index rankings, which have been the reference point for live poker tournaments for years.

Two leaderboards are used: Player of the Year looks at calendar year results, while the GPI ranking is based on the last three years at the tables and rewards consistency.

GPI and POY World 2023

The world ranking of live tournaments can be found under a lonely man in command. That’s it American of Asian origin Am WengProtagonist of a year unusual started on January 4th with a first coin from a million round in a main event of Community and then continued with that victory of the Ring WSOP Circuit a Februaryof a WPT Championship event in April and thereafter WPT Everyone for a drop at Wynn a July.

Weng is followed in the “Player of the Year 2023” ranking by Nacho Barbero and Isaac Haxton.

#1 Am Weng 4,200.46 points
#2 José “Nacho” Ignacio Barbero 4,190.58 points
#3 Isaac Haxton 3,968.94 points
#4 Christopher Brewer 3,856.80 points
#5 Tony “Ren” Lin 3,799.30 points
#6 Stephen Chidwick 3,737.46 points
#7 Jason Koon 3,478.78 points
#8th Jeremy “TheTaker” Ausmus 3,471.45 points
#9 Daniel Chi Tang 3,454.40 points
#10 Aram Oganyan 3,423.19 points

In the GPI rankings, Wen is closely followed by Christopher Brewer, who received a bracelet twice at the last WSOP, while Nacho Barbero is threatened on the bottom step of the podium by Stephen Chidwick in fourth place:

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#1 Am Weng 4,082.95 points
#2 Christopher Brewer 3,748.17 points
#3 José “Nacho” Ignacio Barbero 3,736.28 points
#4 Stephen Chidwick 3,702.21 points
#5 Chance Kornuth 3,698.57 points
#6 Jeremy “TheTaker” Ausmus 3,515.01 points
#7 Jason Koon 3,504.17 points
#8th Jesse Lonis 3,483.74 points
#9 Shaun Deeb 3,483.03 points
#10 Tony “Ren” Lin 3,473.82 points

GPI and POY Italy 2023

There Italian ranking of the year instead sees himself in the lead Candido Gabriele Cappiellosomething this year solar he collected ten of the money livewith two third places Remarkably, the first at the High Roller WPT Prime Amsterdam in marchthe second in the High Roller FPS Montecarlo by Aprilalso won the Deepstack event at the EPT Barcelona.

Alessandro follows him onto the podium Pichierrithird to Deepstack EPT won by Cappiello and winner of the Super High Roller WPT Paris in February as well as the America’s Cup at the Irish Poker Open Dublin; and Calogero MorealeOwner of a long one slay to end up in the money, especially in tournaments with low buy-ins English.

#1 Candido Gabriele Cappiello 2,085.33 points
#2 Alessandro Pichierri 1,970.82 points
#3 Calogero Morreale 1,917.34 points
#4 Fausto Tantillo 1,863.39 points
#5 Claudio Di Giacomo 1,818.20 points
#6 Gianluca Speranza 1,751.38 points
#7 Mustapha Kanit 1,719.41 points
#8th Fabio Peluso 1,606.61 points
#9 Dario Sammartino 1,605.83 points
#10 Lorenzo Arduini 1,533.14 points

As we saw GPI ranking reward them instead continuity in the last three playing years. The best Italian From this point of view it is so Gianluca Speranza, winner of a WSOP bracelet in Las Vegas last year. In second position We find the WSOPE bracelet holder Simone Andrianfollowed by Italian 2022 tournament player Fausto Tantillo.

#1 Gianluca Speranza 2,214.36 points
#2 Simone Andrian 2,097.15 points
#3 Fausto Tantillo 1,991.44 points
#4 Fabio Peluso 1,967.93 points
#5 Candido Gabriele Cappiello 1,953.94 points
#6 Mustapha Kanit 1,953.25 points
#7 Dario Sammartino 1,935.00 points
#8th Alexius Isaiah 1,904.70 points
#9 Alessandro Pichierri 1,874.40 points
#10 Claudio Di Giacomo 1,873.01 points

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