The brutal cooler in favor of Theodoridis in the EPT Main Event

A few days have passed since the closureEuropean Poker Tour of Barcelona and the Main Event left a bitter aftertaste for more than one player who has been unable to participate in recent days due to this or that more or less unfortunate situation that cut them off the bench sad return to the hotel.

Something like this certainly happened to the opponent of Aris Theodoridis, Victim of a brutal cooler that knocked him out of the tournament prematurely.

The brutal cooler in favor of Aris Theodoridis

We’re in the final part of Day 2, at level 20, when the blinds are high 6,000/12,000/ Before 12,000 and Aris opens 24,000Received the 3bet from Ali Alnuaimi To 65,000, Aris Calla.

It falls on the flop TO Q 9Alnuaimi checks, Theodoridis decides to bet 36,000 and Alnuaimi calls out of position this time.

The turn brings a 2 and Alnuaimi checks a second time, causing Aris to bet 75,000. oppo Check the calla lily again.

The river comes a Qwhich in a normal situation would make anyone playing with aces very happy.

Alnuaimi checks for the third time, confident he’s setting a trap for his opponent goes pushing for a stack covering his opponent’s, who snappa and proudly shows off his pocket aces.

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But the blood freezes when Aris shows himself pair of women for his poker, which sends his opponent to the hotel.

Set over set, against a closed flush draw, the hand of the Estrellas

On the second day of €2,200 Estrella’s Poker Tour High RollerLevel number 29 has been played, (50,000/100,000/100,000), When Thomas Saminadin opened to 200,000 by HiJack, called by Sal Al Fakih from the small blind and Frederic Breton from the BB.

On the flop 8 3 6Saminadin tip 250,000, Al Fakih calls and Breton raises 700,000. Saminadin pusha for 2.79 million and challenges his two opponents to do so Showdowns:

The rest of the board awards the flush draw, which exceeds the value of the two sets and lets Saminadin win a Super Pot, 7 4.

Photo on the homepage: Aristidis Theodoridis courtesy of Danny Maxwell & Pokernews

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