The Sunday Million XV finalists charts and stats

As we saw in yesterday morning’s final report, the September version of sundaymillion Luck smiled at him specialist Alessandro ‘alesiena17’ Siena standing behind 4,574 opponents to conquer something extraordinary currency greater than one hundred thousand euros (between payouts and sizes).

But who are they player who fought him victory at the last table from Online Tournament Millions Guaranteed? Now let’s find out with her statistics of the game: As you will see, the example sorted.

9 – Cisco Rom 97

The first buster of the Sunday Million XV final table has been played on PokerStars since March of last year. Since then he has participated in it 342 tournaments average buy-in €36.64. Prior to last night’s coin, his chart was low Red. He now shows a profit of 11,573 euros.

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8 – Enne98

In octave Position finished the Sunday Million as a regular position Giulio ‘Enne98’ Colazzo, often mentioned in our online reports. Since 2019, the specialist has accumulated at PokerStars 7,842 tournaments an average buy-in of €22.44 for a total win of €125,995.

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active since 2020‘dioxvi’ has a volume of 3,622 Medium buy-in tournaments €32.67 for €10,918 profit.

6 – sampei101

The sixth Since then, the Sunday Million XV leaderboard has been running January 2017. “sampei101” played during these six and a half years 15,394 average tournament buy-in €21.97 for €47,416 benefit.

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In fifth place we find “YoungPaul.LV”, a player who played 379 tournaments average buy-in €20.19. Here the prices are plus large paid by player: He had never seen a coin before last night a Four Digits!

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4 – Zio Luxa

For the feet On the podium we find a player who reset his performance statistics in March 2,020. “ZioLuxa” has been running ever since. 2,492 tournaments with an average buy-in of €9.63 for a win thanks to that final table €32,638.

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3 – ‘f4bi0m0tt4’

On the Step Below the podium is a player in a seem Activity on PokerStars has increased 362 tournaments average buy-in €83.52. Before the exploit ‘f4bi0mott4”s best price was achieved by a winning Afternoon on Stars in the Saturday Fever version:

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2 – Gigger them

The Runner-The Sunday Million XV competitor is the longest-standing finalist on PokerStars. ‘Giggerle’ has been playing ever since 2011 and today it ranks among the historians 6,424 Tournaments with an average buy-in of €12.1. In his career he has several coins Four Digits:

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1 – alesiena17

I’ve been smashing the point for years. With this victory, Alessandro Siena earned €353,194 in 18,555 tournaments with an average buy-in of €38.7. A graphic of those who make your mouth drool.

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