High Stakes Poker: Salomon’s Kappa cracked in the final!

completeEuropean Poker Tour of Barcelona which has practically monopolized our editorial work, live poker returns and becomes the protagonist at the cash game tables of high stakes poker, the hit and most-attended open-table poker broadcast that aired Monday on Poker Go.

New and old players at the HSP’s Fifth

Episode number 5 of High Stakes Poker began with an always and definitely very interesting player pool, filling the six available positions with quite heterogeneous stacks, starting with 2.29 million Andrew Robl, up to 406,000 by Ferdinand Putra.

The other protagonists of the evening were Rob Yong, rick Solomon, Jean Roberte Bellande and Karl Yu, for this first report:

player pile of chips
Andrew Robl $2,286,000
Rob Yong $1,460,000
Rick Solomon $1,158,000
Jean Robert Bellande $620,000
Charles Yu $488,000
FerdinandPutra $406,000

Solomon is immediately at a crossroads

It wasn’t many minutes before the action heated up, especially when Salomon decided to do it with a 4,000 straddle clear with K Qbefore Bellande opened the shot from the button with 8 to 25,000 7again 3-bet from Robl in the small blind to 100,000 with 6 5, Yong folded pocket jackets He called from the straddle and Bellande, then folded to Robl’s continuation bet of 125,000 on flop 10 7 Q.

About ten minutes later, when Robl snapped, there were no bluffs a couple From kappa, k k3bets a 60,000 opening earlier and calling Putra with a pair of 9s. In the big blind, Salomon leads with A k and decides it 4bet at 260,000. After the OR fold, Robl bet everything and covered the stacks of both opponents. Not listed After Putra folds, Salomon, after spending infinite time making his decision, decides to save and fold his stack of 900,000.

Yu’s Nuts on Bellande

From early position, Bellande opens with 10 to 10,000 7received the call from Solomon from BB and Yu from Straddleeach with 7 6 and Q 10.

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JRB’s continuation bet on the flop of 9 was not long in coming k 7baptized with a size of 20,000only called by Yu before the turn came an f[j]. With pointed nuts Yu rises to 215,000 to Bellande’s second ball a 60,000 who calls.

The river comes a q[9] whereupon the two check and Yu takes home a pot of 503,000.

The end of Putra and the cracked Kappa

Spectacularly one of the last hands of the evening where Salomon lost a pair of kappa, k k on a flop 2 2 7 against that 2 from Putra. a 10 It didn’t scare Solomon, who bet 200,000 before his opponent bet him with another 152,000.

The two agreed on one double flow In neither case did Solomon’s coveted king land, and the pot went to his opponent for 893,000.

Photo homepage Salomon courtesy of Pokernews & PokerGo

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