Sunday MTTs: Marinaro68 excels at ExplosivePKO, donfanelli at Mini Expl

Of course we started our Monday coverage at Sunday’s PokerStars this morning, but now it’s time to stroll through the many other Italian poker rooms to get the full picture.

There was no lack of entertainment in the iPoker area either, as an exciting series of events began tonight with an ExplosivePKO, which announced important verdicts. Everything remains open in the New Mini Expl.

Even in People’s Sunday SUMMER the bubble hasn’t burst yet. In short, it’s been a prep evening in all those rooms waiting for tonight’s sets… In the meantime, here are all the notable stacks and details.

Event #4 €100,000 ExplosivePKO (100 buy-ins, 633 subscribers)

Let’s start with the rich Sunday flagship of the numerous iPoker rooms. As we now know, the numbers here are not definitive, but we’ll tell you all we can. There will be at least 184 stacks on day 2 tonight and that of ‘Sailor68‘ is the most interesting: 327,693 tokens. His bounty of 236 is also second to none.

In the race for over 11,170 euros first coin he is currently the most convincing. That would be 99 ITM positions. It should be borne in mind that there have also been 96 repatriations so far. Here are the top ten waiting for the final results…

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Event #3 €20,000 New Mini Expl (20 buy-ins, 992 subscribers)

Let’s continue with another iPoker event that remains after the first Sunday of September. Again, you can still register by enriching the number of participants in the tournament. There are now 290 stacks left and the scale for counting is “donfanelli‘. With 472,309 chips, he definitely hopes to collect over 1,740 euros as the first coin. The highest bounty is the €59 bounty of “11136961” (22nd in the table).

Sunday SUMMER 10,000 (Buy-ins 100, Prizepool 11,610, Entrants 129)

We wrap up with the People’s Poker Network summer Sunday classic. Far exceeded the warranty and now I am 56 People hoping for one of the 23 expected flags. the conductor’vincenardu0‘ has accumulated 153,693 tokens. He’s hoping to convert it into a €2,654 first prize on day two tonight. Here are the top ten…

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