EPT Barcelona: Andrian, Pilato and Sardone on the final HR day, Akkari 7 lives in Main

Today is the last day for themEPT Barcelona 2023, a final day that promises very strong emotions. It was known that it would be like this in the main event, also without Italians in the race but with one Andre Akkari as an incredible “Highlander” as we shall soon see. The day is also a tough day for the poker Italy it presents 3 elements until the last day of the €10,300 High Roller.

EPT Barcelona Main Event: Akkari Seven Lives Like Cats is in the final table!

32nd of 32 at the end of Day 4 with 435,000 (11bb), 16th of 16 at the end of Day 5 with 685,000 (9bb), 6th of 6 at the end of Day 6 with 4.5 million (18bb) . The way from Andre Akkari In the EPT Barcelona 2023 Main Event, he takes on connotations of that feat never seen before, especially when he finally manages to raise the tables. Being the last in line for three days and still qualifying for the final table is something that has perhaps never happened beforenot just at EPT level.

Right from the start, Akkari tripled his stack with Knights KK vs. TT and Wiciak’s 77. Then the Brazilian manages to stay afloat and always win shots at the right moment. For example if he loses a big pot against him Santiago Plante who made a flush against his straight on the turn and soon made up for it by doubling down against Wiciak, another flush against a straight.

Ultimately, however, the Frenchman is always the leader Simon Wiciak, which will restart at about 22.8 million, or almost 100 BB. This is the detail:

1 Simon Wiciak France 22,875,000 (92bb)
2 Carl Shaw UK 17,400,000 (70bb)
3 Santiago plant Canada 7,500,000 (30 bb)
4 Joao Sydenstricker Brazil 6,150,000 (25BB)
5 Ezequiel Waigel Argentina 5,150,000 (21bb)
6 Andre Akkari Brazil 4,500,000 (18bb)

The 6 players share a remaining payout of around €4.3 million, which is broken down as follows:

bonus comparator

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1. €1,488,000
2. €931,250
3. €664,750
4. €511,300
5. €393,300
6. €302,500

Andrian, Pilato and Sardone on the final day of the 10k High Roller!

While the Main Event lost all of the Italian players in attendance for a few days, the same cannot be said of the highly anticipated €10,300 High Roller. At the end of the second day, only 40 of the 475 participants are still in the running, all of whom have already won prizes.

between these Simone Andrian, Francesco Pilato and Alessio Sardonewho are the only Azzurri present who can make money, but also all in the top 10. To see is to believe:

1 Vlad Darie Romania 1460000
2 Simone Andrian Italy 1335000
3 Francisco Benitez Uruguay 1105000
4 Tony Lin China 980000
5 Razvan Belea Romania 960000
6 Francesco Pilato Italy 920000
7 Alessio Sardone Italy 910000
8 Ka Kwan Lau Hong Kong 870000
9 Jefferson Pinow Brazil 795000
10 Hwany Lee Korea 785000

The 40 remaining players already have a minimum prize of €19,350 in their pockets, but everyone dreams of it €910,400 the first coin!

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