EPT Barcelona: Gianluca Speranza and the Magnificent 7 in the 10K High Roller

Italy raises its headEPT Barcelona.

merit of €10,300 High rollers That gives us seven compatriots for Day 2: Gianluca Speranza the best, with Simone Andrian And Giuliano Bendinelli in the wake while Fabio Peluso was halfway through the ford.

Meanwhile it is €5,300 Main Event halves his field on Day 5: 32 started, 16 advanced to Day 6 and lead Simon Wiciak with a star advantage, to say the least, thanks to 15 million pieces.

It closes the €3,300 Mystery Bounties and Ricardo Ferreira triumphs with €374,000, between classic payouts and mysterious bounties. Portuguese precedes Armin Rezaei.

Let’s look at that in detail.

EPT Barcelona: Italy finish seventh

Time is ticking at EPT Barcelona €10,300 High rollers spread over three days. So 433 Players responded in attendance on day one, but the number may increase thanks to late registration, which will not be closed until hostilities resume. In 179 They land safely on the second day and among them are seven Italians.

Gianluca Speranza With 304,500 units, it is the pacesetter and lands in the top 10 of the day. Also a great achievement Simone Andrian And Giuliano Bendinelli: The WSOPE 2021 bracelet player has 211,000 chips, while the EPT Barcelona 2022 Main Event champion starts over with 84,000 chips.

They advance Alessio Sardone (81,500), Fabio Peluso (69,500), Marco Sposito (49,000) ed Henry Camosci (40,000). In short, Bel Paese’s players aren’t exactly deep, but there’s room and time to switch gears on day two when the group is targeting the price range. Above all the usual rules Steve O’Dwyer flying at 364,500 units.

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The top 10 from day 1

1 Steve O’Dwyer Ireland 364500
2 Ignacio Sagra Argentina 358000
3 Martin Stausholm Denmark 356000
4 Maks Sifrer Slovenia 341000
5 Eric Sfez France 333500
6 Thi Nguyen France 326000
7 Vladas Tamasauskas Lithuania 322500
8 Pakinai Lisawad Thailand 311500
9 Louis Nyberg Sweden 308500
10 Gianluca Speranza Italy 304500

EPT Barcelona: 16 participants left in the Main Event

The €5,300 EPT Barcelona Main Event reaches the sixth day of play and only 16 players are left in the fight for the title. Impressive escape from Simon Wiciak That brings together 15,705,000 pieces if it’s the nearest rival Carl Shaw with 6,680,000 chips. A serious gap.

Among those pulling the Day 6 pass, the most notable name is von Robin Ylitalo: The Swedish player has to catch up 4.7 million though. Today the main event only ends with the formation of the official final table of 8 players; everyone has at least one in their pocket 63,250 Euro, while hooking the last table is equivalent 179,000 Bills.

The Top 10

1 Simon Wiciak France 15,705,000
2 Carl Shaw United Kingdom 6,680,000
3 Curtis KnightCanada 6,045,000
4 Daniyar Aubakirov Kazakhstan 5,845,000
5 Ezequiel Waigel Argentina 5,130,000
6 Robin Ylitalo Sweden 4,785,000
7 Joao Sydenstricker Brazil 3,565,000
8 Oshri Lahmani Israel 3,070,000
9 Van Marcus Australia 2,470,000
10 Mohamad El Rais Switzerland 2,150,000

EPT Barcelona: Mystery in Lusitanian Sauce

The €3,300 Mystery Bounties ends with the success of Ricardo De Andrade Ferreira. The Lusitanian player makes no concessions on the final day of competition and takes first place with a total prize money of 374,000 euros. Armin Rezaei And Yaman Nakdali complete the podium with 233 and 167,000 tickets collected respectively.

Final table payout

1. Ricardo De Andrade Portugal €374,064
2. Armin Rezaei Austria €233,890
3. Yaman Nakdali Spain €167,040
4th place Marcos Kenne Brazil €128,510
5. Frederic Breton Canada €98,850
6. Mikel Unanue Mexico €76,030
7 Jan Bronkhorst Netherlands €58,480
8. Vladislav Solovyov Russia €44,990
9. Ismet Oral Türkiye €34,600

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