EPT Barcelona 2023: Rege and Bartolacci’s elimination from the main event

The day of Day 4 at the European Poker Tour in Barcelonaended without much satisfaction for us Italians and all eight of our compatriots who had started the third day, You were eliminated yesterday.

We went in search of the most important hands that shaped the walks of our last two eliminated players.

Here you are.

EPT Barcelona: the departure of Alessandro Rege

It was an exciting tournament for Alessandro Rege, spiced up with a few hands that he played really well, but not all donuts have holes and after a rather poor day of playable cards, our compatriot had to give up the argument just a few steps away from today’s day 5.

We’re at level 24, blinds 15,000/30,000 Before 30,000 and we’re just two eliminations away from the end of day four, which carries over into the next day 32 players.

Rege is playing with a rather tight stack 10 big blinds and has the ability to combine them all into one Pocket sevens from late position7 7but finds the reputation of the Scandinavian on this occasion Markku Koplimaa, Who is calling to cover our player for about 1 million.


For Alessandro finished 34th for €31,250.

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Bartolacci is eliminated with a suitable AK

Previously, at level 23, small blind 10,000, big blind 25,000, ante 25,0o0, a hand was played at TV table #2 where our Luca Bartolacci, at his first European Poker Tour, who also participated as a lion in a tournament that he will never forget for the rest of his life.

Luca Bartolacci Courtesy of Danny Maxwell and Rational Intellectual Holding

Our player’s end point is when all the operators and cameramen go to the crime scene after the hearing “All In & Call” by the merchant who invites Luca and his opponent, the British Curtis Knight put their cards on the table.

This is the showdown that Bartolacci al. sentenced 45th place for €27,250

Photo on the Alessandro Rege homepage, courtesy of Danny Maxwell

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