Galactic Series for new players? Here are some tips

As has been given to you several times in the evening of September 3rd the first part of the series, which is planned after the start of summer, le Galactic Series on PokerStars.

The Red Pike Room has put a lot of thought into providing its players with a very rich game plan that inserts something like 154 tournaments including the Sunday Million, for a total guaranteed prize pool of over 6.5 million euros.

We’re sure some of the readers who opened this article have never played in a Galactic Series tournament, and given the scale of an event where a large number of inexperienced players will be present at every PokerStars event we sure thought it best to provide you with some useful advise to face the September event in the best possible way.

The selection of tournaments

Most tournaments that are part of the Galactic Series – just open the lobby to see it – have a structure pretty deepallowing participating players to avoid headers in the part of the tournament that goes with it very first levels of the game.

If you prefer this type of structure to turbo structures, just click lobbies of the “Galactic Series” and then select the menu in Teninda “Speed” at the top of the tournament list and at this point turn on the column itself that splits events between “Slow”, Basically there are three and they all have a buy-in of €250.”regular”, are the ones you find without any wording, e.g “Turbo”, Contrary to what we’ve written so far, this requires a pinch more action in the early stages when the levels have a faster duration.

Here you are. Therefore, the first distinction you need to get used to is choosing the tournaments you want to play in. The first to act as a watershed for everyone who belongs to it Enrollment costs of the tournaments themselves and the second, which is directed by the your style Favourite game.

Big batches, no rush

You’ll find that out very soon when you have to choose gods deep stack tournaments, or at least with a structure that allows you to play medium and long-term levels, there is no need to force your entry into the tournament and try to get into plunder by playing marginal hands from every position.

Your goal should be to build yourself up a solid picture This will allow you to get to the collection in the levels where it is better to increase the pace so as not to fall behind.

All this leads to about up to fifth/sixth level The more we just play for value, the better it will be for the health of our holding stack.

This is because the benefits of earning a few chips in the early levels are very small compared to the risk of losing very significant chunks of our chips starting pile.

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Turbo and Intermediate Tournaments

The approach we need to take when deciding to participate in a tournament presented in the lobby is different “Turbo”, when we can’t afford to waste too much time.

Caution, do not confuse this advice with a call to use cold weapons. All tournaments in the Galactic Series, whether regular or turbo tournaments, are characterized by comprehensive playability. Therefore, it is always not advisable to play all the tiles from the first levels. However, it is recommended to slightly expand the choices in the early stages of the very first level Turbo tournaments, especially in position tournaments.

This trick must be increasingly considered when the levels begin to pass and there is a need to open hands, e.g suitable connectors, for example 8 9 also from the middle position, resp low pairs, from 2, 3 and 4 from early position, which we could have avoided in the very first levels of the tournament.

We try to make it difficult for our opponents and not to appear like gods “nittony”, There are also instances when we will try from late position 3bet Medium value hands, such as 10 y or mean couples, This allows us to take home the pot with a simple continuation bet on the flop if both we and our opponent get no help from the community cards.

Bladder bursting and late stage

There are quite a few unwritten rules when it comes to the latter part of a tournament, but the one we need to bear in mind the most is the one that most certainly needs to be understood the size of our stack to master this part of the tournament with a profit.

Very simple, say, just look at the average of all the stacks at that moment and see if we’re over or under. But that’s not exactly the case.

Especially in turbo tournaments, the average in-game stacks don’t give us an accurate picture of how things are going.

It will be much clearer the number of blinds we own relative to the level we are playing at. Adequate number of blinds will be crucial in deciding our strategy and most importantly in the decisions for each individual seat.

Until we reach our much desired destination final table.

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