Tips for playing the Sunday Million on September 3rd

play that sundaymillion It is one of the most coveted goals of every poker newbie and if you are inexperienced with the tool it is always necessary to clarify some golden rules that must be respected in order not to miss a very important opportunity.

The fifteenth edition of the Sunday Million, the second in 2023, will be held on the evening of , as has been widely reported in recent weeks September 3rdtakes place over two days, with Day 2 continuing in the evening September 4th.

During the two days, until the start of the second day, late registration will remain open to allow latecomers to attend the event.

Tips for playing the Sunday Million

The first thought to learn when playing such an important tournament is that you start with a stack that will allow you to remain fairly calm for a few levels without having to attack the enemy troops outright.

Starting with something like 500 big blinds, leads to us having an almost infinite range of action, but not for that, since we have so many tokens, we must be careful to spend and distribute as much as possible.

The main reason for this statement is that The risk is not worth the candle: More than the need to win chips that are not exactly full value in the early stages, at the beginning of the tournament, it counteracts the risk of losing large parts of the stack that we will miss as the levels rise .

In addition, there is the possibility of staying at the table with the same opponents for a longer period of time. Therefore, it is important to study each individual’s attitude in order to take the appropriate countermeasures when the opportunity to play against them arises.

The strategy in the middle

While this part of the tournament may seem less “advisable”, it still deserves close attention as it is often at this point that we decide which trend our tournament will go through.

It is necessary to enter the courts more often and if we are the first to speak it will be necessary to do so with an increase and practically never with a limpet. We continue to pick fairly strong hands, especially from early position, but let’s start with the meter widen a bit our Range Opening from late position, also dependent on it suitable connectors and some a gap: or like hands 8-9 or 6-7 suitable, and 9-J and/or 8-10 also suitable.

Another important feature to always keep in mind is that we don’t have to worry if we receive a bad shot, such as a hit. For example, a set on the flop that’s beaten by a flush or a straight between the turn and the river, rather we put the bad hand behind us and start over. Play. If we played as recommended in the first paragraph, the stack should still allow us to have enough chips to continue battling our opponents.

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Now that you know your opponents, you’ve probably figured out who’s playing way more aggressively than the others, and you’ll have to get used to that.look for it“Play against him and try to use his aggression to your advantage. As a rule, it’s always better to do it in position.

The strategy on the bubble and in the trailer

One of the most exciting moments of tournaments is the bursting of the bubblethat particular portion of the tournament that serves as the tipping point between closing the tournament lobby sundaymillion without having any economic satisfaction and who instead see their bankroll supported by at least a minimum profit.

In a PKO tournament, that’s true up to a point, also and mostly because you need to know if and how many eliminations We made sure they brought us the equivalent in the form of bounty.

The bubble is a delicate moment to face How much stack do we have?

When we have about twenty players left with a large stack, it’s time to push the big blinds, who at this point have proved unbrave: a nice raise, calibrated against the blinds of the creepy money“, of the terrified ones who are desperate to get their hands on the money without risking a chip, chances are we’ll let us do it steal their blinds.

The situation where we have a narrow stack is different. The important thing is that you avoid coming up with a stack on the bubble much lower than the 10 big blindswhich will cause each of our opponents to silently call our shove Medium to high value hands who are still at high risk of being beaten, such as all strong Aces, Especially AK-AQ.

In any case, with a tournament like this, which is going to be quite crowded, 20 players go out pretty quick, So let’s avoid headshots and ensure at least the reserve price.

The calculation and the final part

We are among the winners, we have achieved our minimum result and now we have to deal with ourselves: we want prey take a position and get as high as possible to climb a few tiers of prizes, or vShall we try to win?

You must provide the answer, but the advice, since you’ve come this far, is to seize every little opportunity that may bring us sit at the final table So let’s avoid extreme defense and try to apply pressure like we did with a big stack on the bladder. Try to conquer Winning the Sunday Million means avoiding a raise fold with hands of medium value, it is much better to push our hands 10/15BB exploit everything fold equity We have and are stealing the blinds that will allow us to play “normal” again when we return to 25/30x.

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