Follow EPT Barcelona live with commentary in Italian from Monday!

Get ready chips and popcorn because there are days ahead of us great pokeryeah, just the one with that letter ‘P’ Capital city…

Starts at o’clock 1:00 pm You can follow on Monday 28 August the EPT Barcelona In Live broadcast open cards!

And there is a big one noveltybecause most important circuit European poker returns that comment in Italian.

The voices of “Great Dawn” and Fang

After several years of absence, Alberto “Grandealba” Russo and Giada Fang will be bringing back Dante’s voice in the comments section of the EPT live streams.

The two historic voices of the live poker star return arm in arm after exactly five years. In recent years, Fang has continued to grind and has also devoted himself to translating various poker books into Italian.

Alberto Russo got closer to the two cards during the pandemic by creating a podcast full of poker memorabilia.

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Commentary in Italian by Alberto and Giada begins Monday 28th August for the 100k Super High Roller EPT final table.

Live streaming program EPT Barcelona, ​​​​Italian commentary

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Please note: on Sunday 27th August there will be no commentary in Italian in streaming

Live Stream EPT Barcelona

[la diretta sarà visibile a partire dalle ore 13:00 di lunedì 28 agosto con commento in italiano, clicca qui!]

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