Piero Alioto is the last Estrellas Bubble Man. Here is the hand

We’ve been giving you a report over the past two days on what happened in the key parts of two of the most important tournaments in this first lookon the European Poker Tour takes place at the Casino de Barcelona, the estrellas And the first One Day from €25,000 registration.

We close this triptych of articles and refer to the main parts of the last flights of the tournament from €1,100, the Main Event of the Estrellas Poker Tour.

Estrellas Poker Tour Day 1G: Chilling bladder for Japanese Daisuke Ogita

It wasn’t a great tournament final for the Japanese daisuke ogita, who filled the unenviable role bubble man of the penultimate flight of the Estrellas Poker Tour Main Event, after a hand in which he started preflop with a large lead.

Ogita puts them all in late position with a pair of red queens, a perfect hand for hoping to stay in the field but less perfect for Japan’s representative, the flop where he overtakes from the set of his opponent, Lebanese big becomes stack Mark Helou, which will close the day with 400,000 tokens.

At the showdown, Ogita appears with Q Qhappy to see the papers of the Lebanese J J. The committee condemning the Japanese has no appeal: 5 3 J 2 8th.

Estrellas Poker Tour Day 1H: Piero Alioto completes all Flight 1s

He is an Italian player Piero Alioto, at the end of Day 1H, the final stretch between sending everyone to bed against his will eight planned for the first day of the Estrellas Poker Tour.

To counter what will later prove to be the swan song of our flag bearer, another player who also appears to be Italian by his first and last name, but hoists the Swiss flag, Roberto Corbelli.

The Swiss player decides to use all of his chips for a stack of approx 12 big blinds with blinds 6,000/12,000/12,000, approximately 150,000, with an extremely valuable hand, the second best in the deck, K kfrom an intermediate position.

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Alioto leads big blind and he can’t avoid calling since he has a tight stack of just over 100,000 and shows up at the showdown with A Q.

The flop increases the outs by 4 for the Sicilian player who finds the two pairs Q 4but still not enough to surpass the value of Corbelli’s combo.

turn 5 and river 8order the final exclusion of the Blues from the tournament

Homepage Photos: Bolla Estrella’s Poker Tour courtesy of PokerStars and Tomas Stacha

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