Hell and Back for Kayhan Mokri, ITM at the EPT 25k with 2.2 Blinds!

The universal history of poker tournaments and the literature that has covered it since its inception is full of sensational comebacks that have delighted the sometimes exaggerated users of the term “”.A chip and a chair“, this little litany designed to mark the epic rises from a narrow stack to placement or even final victory.

Hell at 2.2 big blind

Usually, this type of performance is reserved for players participating in tournaments that are covered in blogs around the world, also because otherwise it would be difficult to know the dynamics that characterize them. So it was for the comeback of Kayhan Mokri, than for the first €25,000 a day When he played at the EPT in Barcelona yesterday, he was left with the snack’s coins, for which he wouldn’t even get change after buying them.

we are at Level number 14, blinds 5,000/10,000 ante 10,000Mokri just paid off two double-ups from his opponents and came out of a stack of about 40 big blindsabout ten players remaining from the prizes were reduced to less than 10xa pile that ranks him among the contestants to drop out without even checking out.

Everything is made worse by yet another awkward showdown that he has to pay for additional 3 BBs for Quan Zhou, who presses K from UTG J and find the rest of the Norwegian button with A 6. The Chinese find a J on the flop and falls below the 6x mark, now the short of the tournament.

Kayhan Mokri courtesy of Manuel Kovska and PokerStars

An epic comeback

stayed 22,000 tokens and since the big blind and ante must be called, Mokri has to force-bet with 7 5 at BVB about the increase ladva which isolates itself with A k on a Cut Off limpet.

The Norwegian miraculously saves himself on board 7 TO 2 k J and goes up About 5 BBs.

The tipping point that causes the Nordic player’s pale face to return to color occurs a few hands later, when Mokri Pusha from the button to 49,000, called by the one who will win the tournament a few hours later.

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The Norwegian rates them all with A 7called by the Brazilian with K 8th and the board does not change anything. Now Mokri is playing with 10x, which becomes a playable stack in a tournament like this.

The final table is still in trouble

Seat player country chip count FT big blinds
1 Edward Barsegyan Russia 125,000 13
2 Ottomar Ladva Estonia 172,000 17
3 Timothy Adams Canada 675,000 68
4 Felipe Ketzer Brazil 1,000,000 100
5 Bruno Volkman Brazil 76,000 8th
6 Kayhan Mokri Norway 113,000 11
7 Eric Seidel United States 207,000 21
8th Lei Yu China 85,000 9

What you have just read is the situation at the start of the final table when another litany begins, that of bubble with three remaining.

Mokri is one of the smallest at the table with 11BB, but is quickly eliminated Eric Seidel and it’s down to 7. Mokri is bottom in chips again, but holds out until Ladva opens from the button and calls from BB to BB 24,000 with 10x ahead on the new 6k/12k/12k level. On the K-flop 9 kMokri check-raise on his opponent’s 12,000 cbet to 25,000 and takes home a pot that puts him back up to 15x.

Mokri plays along with a full bladder 235,000 To T.20,000 from BB with A 9 and Heretic, who has about double his stack, first asks him how much he has and then, um Small blind uses them all while receiving it Quick call from Norwegian. Heretic shows 10 4 and the board condemns him to pay the doubling of mokri, which he is now content with 23x front.

It will be Mokri himself who bursts the bubble and sends him out of the tournament Timothy Adams which is opened at 125,000 by CO and called by Mokri on the button, the two go to the remains on K J J and the hand of the Norwegian K 10 stays well until the river is on that of the Canadian, A 8th.

Fourth place for the Nordic player worth 79,000 euros.

Homepage photo: Kayhan Mokri courtesy of PokerStars and Manuel Kovsca

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