Maximum multiplier for a €100 Twister on iPoker: the video recording of Adriano Negrisolo’s victory

A few days before the maximum multiplier hit with a buy-in of €20, a twister took place on the circuit, which was then won by Danilo Spampinato iPoker (SNAI, Sisal) Another had arrived x.1000but this time to a twister from 100€ registration.

After the first draw of the jackpot i happy Participant, Adriano “Guido Colucciello” Negrisolo‘le4A’ and “CJBoddicker”they had guaranteed that minimum premium of ten thousand euros due 3. classified.

At this point i Three they found each other to be in competition for the extraordinary first coin from 75 thousand euros. In 16 hands was the winner Negrisolowhat was before eliminated All in preflop “CJBoddicker” for later regular ‘le4A’ heads up conclusive.

to see video playback Complete with the hundred thousand euro twister from jackpot Click on the box below to the side!

What Negrisolo said

The winner The Maxi-Twister is a specialist for “sit lottery” also active on PokerStars under the nickname “Negreasanu”.

Right at PokerStars, kid San Giovanni Rotondo (but has been living in Bologna for five years, where he studies law) in November 2021 he had found it multiplier bigger than hers Career: an extraordinary x10,000 to a €10 spin from Registration! But for Hadrian It didn’t go that way this time hoped:

“I finished third in that spin. Let’s talk about November 2021, and today, when that one came out, I was already seeing the nightmares of that spin – Negrisolo revealed to his colleagues at AssoPoker – He had shaped me, in the sense that winning €100,000 at the age of twenty-one would be nice been!”

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For this reason, too, the regular player couldn’t believe what happened at the decisive showdown:

“Something sensational happened in the second or third hand of HU. I complete from SB with 7 7 Opponent Pusha, of course I call e he runs away with 9:4. Which is absurd because with a multiplier this high, it’s something you would never expect to see such a boost. But clean run and I win. When the opponent turned around 9 4 I checked that the multiplier was actually 100,000 because I couldn’t believe it that he squeezed a hand like that. For an occasional 75,000 euros, that’s quite a lot.”

This victory will not change his life or his poker habits.

“Maybe I’ll make a few more lives, yes, because you can definitely try the live recording every now and then, even if it’s not my discipline. Of course, I celebrated with my closest friends in Bologna that same evening, and so did we I uncorked a bottle of Dom Perignon.

Video Play €100 Twister x1,000 – GTD 100,000

And here is the complete video recording of the game: Enjoy!

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