Galactic Series: All set in the PokerStars lobby

After micromillions Another online funfair is about to overwhelm the lobby this summer PokerStars and will keep the fans of company Texas Hold’em and, hear, hear of it PLO Omahafor almost the entire duration of September, le Galactic Series.

Not just the Sunday Million

The Galactic Series debut date is the same as another season date associated with the sundaymillionthe Tournament of Tournaments scheduled for September 3rd which will lead to one of the opening day events of the Galactic Series.

The date of the first Sunday of September must therefore not be forgotten, since there are two events not to be missed, namely the fifteenth edition the million and the Day From opening of the Galactic series.

After more than three weeks of playing time, the journey of the new series on PokerStars ends on Sunday evening September 24th.

The main event of the Galactic Series

For the Galactic Series Main Event, we’re going back to the old days when the thinkers at PokerStars decided not to play the Main Event on Closing Night, but on one of the main Sundays of play.

This year it will be like that again, since the Main will be played in the evening Sunday 17 September at 9 p.m.

The registration costs for participation in this event are: 250 €, This is the maximum buy-in that can be spent on an online poker tournament in our country and is rewarded with a guaranteed prize pool €400,000.

It starts with a bang

The start of the event, scheduled for September 3, is interesting because in addition to the Sunday Million, which will attract the attention of players, there is an opportunity to participate in two other tournaments with very large prizes.

The first will be natural the opening scheduled for 8 p.m., lo “universal starter” which paves the way to the September event and is being offered with a GTD of €100,000 and a registration fee of €50.

Same day, same GTD but €100 buy-in for Sunday eclipse.

The other tournaments

The return to the Galactic Series tournament schedule is interesting Omaha, That will be later in month 4 and will be named Stellar Omaha entered for September 4th, 10th, 11th and 18th.

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The first week will be the real protagonist of the Galactic Series giga stacks, Keep an eye on the second Sunday of play sharp 50

At the end of the series, on Sunday September 24th, the climax will be represented by the sunday ultra deep, for a buy-in of €125 and a prize pool of €150,000.

This is the complete program of the Galactic Series:

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