Poker Live: Another 35 Italians advanced to King’s, IPS broke the record with 3,350 paying players

Live poker never takes a vacation.

Sensational numbers coming out of King’s Casino €380 Italian sport of pokerif a qualifying flight still has to be played: 3,350 partial payer.

In the midst of this oceanic crowd I find myself 72 the Blues have secured their place on the second day; Thanks also to the gods 35 Compatriots who passed Day 1G and Day 1H yesterday.

Let’s look at that in detail.

IPS: The sky over Rozvadov is blue

Other rounds and other Italians that stand out. On one of the busiest Saturdays ever at King’s Casino, the €380 Italian sport of poker 35 compatriots join the 37 who have already reached the second day. It means they are 72 those who raise the Italian flag and we will see them at work.

Day 1G promotes 17 players from Bel Paese Adriano Bianco And Dario Comitini fighting for the first box in the Italian count: 995,000 chips for Adriano and 934,000 for Dario. On the bottom step of the virtual podium, done Marc Pedevilla (909,000). Among other things, they qualify Riccardo Basso (320,000), Nicodemo Piccolo (234,000) and Antonio Turrisi (144,000).

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Day 1H delivers another 18 Azzurri en route to Day 2. In front of everyone Raphael Terrace with 600,000 tokens, while Orazio Albonetti was able to keep up with 554,000 tokens. Matthew Calzoni lurks with 409,000 units. We also find the various Gianluca Fagnani (342,000), Nuncio Vanoncini (270,000) and Mattia d’Orazio (111,000).

IPS: Total invasion by the Kings

Sensational numbers coming out of King’s Casino €380 Italian sport of poker $1 million guaranteed. 948 Admission on day 1G e 703 those who accepted the challenge on day one. The part of payers reached i 3,350I’m obviously waiting for Day 1, which I’ve planned for noon today.

Once the turbo is over, here we have the full picture of the event, guaranteed to be ready to shred. Yesterday, 105 players qualified for the seventh flight, with another 91 reaching halfway through the first day. In total 398 Players secured a spot on day two, 72 of them speaking Italian.

The blue count on day 1G…

Adriano Bianco 995,000
Dario Comitini 934,000
Marc Pedevilla 909,000
Andrea Saftich 891,000
David Dante 705,000
Paolo Bellomo 573,000
Soliman Manfredini 540,000
Mr Smithz 400,000
Antonio Agatiello 342,000
Gianandrea Bandiera 340,000
Riccardo Basso 320,000
Little Nicodemus 234,000
Erminio Ottone 201,000
Antonio Turrisi 144,000
Nicola Caruso 121,000
Marco Dino Persico 118,000
David Marabello 112,000

…the blue count on day 1H

Raffaele Terrazzano 600,000
Orazio Albonetti 554,000
Matteo Intisio 528,000
Andrea Bettini 492,000
Francesco Gisolfi 420,000
Matteo Calzoni 409,000
Lorenzo Calafiore 390,000
Corrado Martinelli 361,000
Gianluca Fagnani 342,000
Luciano Borghetti 303,000
Nunzio Vanoncini 270,000
Franco Alessandro Pau 239,000
Antonio Priolo 217,000
Elio Albano 181,000
Ennio Bazzucchi 180,000
Matthias of Horace 111,000
Luigi Ioele 110,000
Michele Grippa 86,000

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