Poker Live: Marco di Persio unleashes at King’s, 28 Azzurri advance in Day 2 IPS

The blue avalanche. Literally.

And it doesn’t matter if there are no slopes and snow in Rozvadov: the Italian players take care of the overwhelming €380 Italian Poker at King’s Casino.

So 28 Our compatriots who cut off the pass for the second day, between day 1E and day 1F: at the moment they are 37 The Bel Paese players secured a spot on day two.

Marcus of Persius He’s the cover man, with his very solid lead in the sixth qualifying round. Let’s take a closer look at how the day in blue sauce was.

IPS: Italy rocks

The €380 Italian Sport Poker €1,000,000 GTD it is obviously besieged by our compatriots and 28 of them pass the double barrier at King’s Casino: 14 on day 1E and the same on day 1F. In the fifth round comes the best Italian Dominic Zappia Flying with 1,035,000 chips.

Third place in the individual classification of the day and ahead of his compatriot Francis Esposito which reaches 1,004,000. He will take care of completing the virtual podium of Bel Paese players Italo Raillo putting 974,000 tokens in the envelope. Among others, Riccardo Grande completes the half time (384,000), Leonardo Giotti (255,000), Augusto Baruffi (168,000).

On day 1F it is like this Marcus of Persius to go back on stage. As a subscriber to Deep Runs in the Czech casino, the blue is also the general leader of the sixth flight with 955,000 Crisps. Excellent performance also for Endrit Haxia And Emanuele Buracchiwhich restarts at 730,000 and 572,000 units respectively.

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They advance in turn Thomas Mozzini (376,000), Giuseppe Vitale (309,000), Simon Piazzini (227,000) and Francesco Senna (214,000) to name a few. As mentioned, yesterday’s 28 climbers add up to that 9 Italians who got access to the second day on the first day where they are at the moment 37 our compatriots.

IPS: important numbers at King’s

Three rounds were played yesterday €380 Italian Sport Poker €1,000,000 GTDbetween Rozvadov and Prague: In the capital, no Italian supports the Day 2 pass. Day 1E were attended 552 players and others 500 answered on day 1F present, with 65 Entrances to the King’s Prague.

The part of the payers has reached their quota 1,699 and the million guaranteed is already at least 50% covered, but there are still three rounds to play, which will be very full in Rozvadov. The number of qualifiers for the second day is currently 202 and Day 2 also promises to be hot.

Count day 1E…

Domenico Zappia 1,035,000
Francesco Esposito 1,004,000
Italo Raillo 974,000
Matteo Vettor 520,000
Stefano Giuliana 463,000
Lico 457,000
Joseph Ananias 403,000
Riccardo Grande 384,000
Luca Falzaroni 310,000
Leonardo Giotti 255,000
Moritz Lanthaler 245,000
Augusto Baruffi 168,000
Fortune 140,000
Rocco Ficarra 140,000

…and count day 1F

Marcus of Persius 955,000
Endrit Haxia 730,000
Emanuele Buracchi 572,000
Carlo Bernardiello 467,000
Massimo Broggi 434,000
Tommaso Mozzini 376,000
Giovanni Stagliano 364,000
Vittorio Bevilacqua 337,000
Giuseppe Vitale 309,000
Andrea Proietti 279,000
Simone Piazzini 227,000
Francesco Senna 214,000
Gabriele Vigo 202,000
Eric Nitro 202,000

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