David Hu breaks the aces in Cyprus, then his main event turns into a nightmare

Until there are still Italians inside Main Event of the Retro Series taking place on the island of Cyprus, Italia Poker Club followed all phases of the main event, which ended with Svesko’s victory.

But there is a story to be told about one of the players who have been in the tournament since buy-in €3,300 and that he had managed to put himself in an excellent position with six players remaining.

A very successful tournament

At the Cyprus Main Event they participated in something like that 1,223 playerswho reported a fairly large prize pool $3,375,400 and at the end of the dispute, the Serb won Darko Swabian for an amount equal $567,000.

The European player’s victory came at the end of a recent direct match against the Russian Oleg NetalievSecond for $417,900, second overall 143 players in the money.

This is the final table payout

  1. DARKO SVESKO $567,000
  2. OLEG NETALIEV $417,900
  3. MICHEL ATALLAH $257,900
  4. NENAD DUKIC $191,100
  5. DAVID HU $142,400
  6. RUSLAN VOLKOV $115,100
  7. DOMINIK PANKA $95,900
  8. THOMAS EYCHENNE $76,300

David Hu, Heaven…

The story we want to tell you belongs to the Dutchman of clear Asian descent David whoawho had started his final table started from everyone with fairly tight stacks 31 big blinds.

In fact, at first glance it might indicate that the stack isn’t the biggest, but as you can read on screen right away, the Dutchman was third in chips at the time.

Chip Count Main Event Final Table Retro Series Main Event

After initial arguments, after which some short stacks withdrew from the argument quite early, the game became quite aggressive 6 players leftwith a count situation that made Hu look strong, also and largely thanks to his hand’s elimination of the unfortunate Ukrainian Ruslan Volkov.

We’re at level 39, which are blinds 400,000/800,000 Before 800,000 and Volkov opens from Under The Gun up 1.6 million in mini-raisesHu plays the small blind and Shova for 21.5 million, This will cause the bottom bracket to fold and break away from the original raise.

The flop gives the Ukrainian some headaches as the Q falls 2 5but Volkov’s hand definitely stays in front.

The real problems come on the turn when his opponent has a heart draw, a 2which is only the prelude to the last mockery, an 8 The complete the work and leaves Volkov stunned, who has to retire in sixth place.

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…and hell

With the win of this pot, Hu moves on 35.5 million chipswhich means a provisional second place and a concrete chance to enter the tournament with over 44 big blinds which at 5 left are a treasure trove of great views.

However, in the next level, Hu begins to rack up victory after victory, failing in the most important one Michael Atallah.

Hu opens to 2 million from the hijack, clicks the raise again, the Lebanese calls on the button and off dukic from the big blind.

On the Q flop 10 7Dukic checks before Hu moves in continuation bet Atallah increased to 2.5 million 6 million and the BB works with a hand that probably deserved better luck, 8 6shouts whoo.

The turn brings a 4 and after some time Hu Check wrinkles on his opponent’s push for just over 20 million.

It’s an excellent crease from the stream as the Lebanese held A Qwhile Hu played with K Q.

Best regards

Still at the same level after an endless series of misses that reduced it to less than 10 big blinds, Hu got them all in the middle, from the big blind for 9.3 million to Netaliev’s button shove, which covered him for about 2 million.

This is the showdown that doomed the Dutchman:

Homepage photos: David Hu courtesy of Merit Poker Pokernews

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