The sizes of 3Bet at MicroLimiti

The dimensions of 3Bet in modern poker have undergone the same evolution and adaptation as all other fundamentals governing a boundless subject like poker. online and live.

We must start with the assumption that any raise we make after one of our opponents opens must be out of bounds and free of any watertight compartments. It therefore requires an analysis that must be measured against the table we are facing.

Never banal, never the same

The discussion obviously begins with the fact that each type of game and the player playing it it will be different from the action To the question proposed by another of our opponents and to the countermeasures that must be taken after two different steps, an answer must be found which cannot always be the same.

The reasons for this type of differentiation can be found in at least two positioning areas:

  • the need of avoid being “taken advantage of”. at the gaming table. In other words, we’re not giving our opponents all the reference points they need to play a game that helps them take advantage of our all-too-frequent plays and, in turn, our mistakes. If we are good players, we must develop an exploitative game
  • The studies and observations themselves emerge from the style of our rivals, also in relation to the Range that they represent in the session and/or as we know them from the histories, ie from the hands we’ve played against them, that we have with them

But how important is it to find that right size of pre-flop 3bets?

The importance of pre-flop 3bet sizes

If you play MicroLimits and are interested in a game that can bring you profits in the medium and long term, you will quickly find that the poorest players do not pay much attention to the pre-flop 3bet size.

The large crowd of casual and/or recreational gamers don’t like to pay attention to this detail, but it will be crucial in your case if you want to be part of the limited circle of gamers winning players.

They all must have gotten a kick early stages, when you play the beauty 300 dark each and after folding to a pair of tens, your lucky rival will show you a nice pair of aces, maximized by the beauty of 4 blinds, your opening at 2.5, and the small and large blinds…

The x3 rule always applies

MicroStake’s top gaming analysts, Nathan “backrain79” Williams, always gave credit on his blogto the “x3 rule”, which is nothing but a raise of three times compared to the opening of the original raiser.

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Let’s take an example, although it should be obvious to ItaliaPokerClub readers.

Playing from the button and early position, let’s say under the gun for simplicity, one of our opponents opened 3 big blinds.

According to Williams, a size of this nature at the MicroLimits can almost never be considered a mistake, both when we are 3betting for extremesValue, that if you decide to do so bluff, or with not very strong hands, in which case it should be done in position.

Of course, here too we must first of all pay attention to who e “How much” opened: If we’re playing 30x and our opponent has opened 10, this rule should enable us to play our entire stack, and of course this move needs to be weighed as best we can before it is implemented.

Chris Moorman’s advice

Different, if not too much, is the advice of Chris Moorman, It’s not so much about the size of the 3bet as the reason we’re doing it, which the English champion says should always aim to play the shot heads-up.

The 3Bet is said to have the goal according to the British champion Avoid squeeze games through the blinds, much more often when we decide to enter the pot simply by calling the raise of the one who opened the hand. A 3bet would serve to discourage the blinds from acting aggressively, and if it came anyway we’d be pretty sure at this point we’d find a very strong hand to avoid.

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