A lesson from Benjamin Rolle: How ICM call ranges change depending on the number of players at the table

Benjamin ‘Bencb789’ reel He is one of the most respected coaches on the scene and is often on stage Social Post some real poker wisdom.

In one of his lastI chirped in the former Twitter, the Germanic The Raise Your Edge school teacher, owner of a truly amazing chart, explained that to become a Final Table Beast, unlike many others, you need to be constantly on the lookout for the ICM do they.

The game situation

role takes one hypothetical place of a hypothetical final table at which hero is the short stack at the table with 13-14bb of stacks. Out of big blinds must decide what to do with the opponent’s open push Small blind.

As we know, it’s about prices Moneythe calculations for expected value You must not use Le as a unit of measurement crisps.

The calling range is 8 left

Rolle added this to the post correct call range from the big blind with final table a 8 left:

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The big blind must then call with all Aces, 44+, K90+, K7s+, Q9s+. QTo+. JTs, which is 27.80% of the deck.

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The calling range is 3 left

Rolle then delivers the Range of calling the exact same location by changing the number the player at the table. If instead of 8 they are 3the call area of ​​the short stacks from the big blind yes expand in this way:

Range call 3 left Benjamin Rolle

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Apart from all that Axlesand to all appropriate Ks and to all couples13x in the big blind must call K6o+, Q7s+, Q9o+, JTo+, J8s+, T8s, T9s and other low combos frequencies (K5o, J9s, Q6s).

The range now includes the 37.15% of the deck, almost a 10% more dryness compared to the situation eight left.


According to roll of these Range One understands that there is all the more to ICM it is approaching to the last head-to-head of a tournament, plus loose it is appropriate to play.

But the German adds that many Players tend to consider the independent chip model in the 3 or 4 hand round lesser extent compared to 8- or 9-handed phases.

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