Doug Polk’s bluff decided the WSOP 25K Championship heads-up

Mastering the dynamics of bluffing in poker is one of the biggest factors Distinction between professionals and amateurs.

But also AI poker pro Not all bluffs get it right, just like donuts.

An example of this is the bluff we will tell you what is irretrievable Compromise Doug Polk’s run for the heads-up title of the WSOP 25k Championship last June.

The hand

There it goes totally definitive the 25k HU Players Championship with Doug Polk Advantage with 6.2M chips versus 3.4M chips Chanracy Khun.

On the complete the latter from button with 86Polk checks behind Q4.

At flop 653 Polk-Checka, Khun Tip 160k, Polk calls.

For the turn comes a K and Polk checks again. Khun bets 250,000, Polk raise 900,000, call Khun.

The Flow k sees Polk go everything in it and Khun claimed his remaining 2.34M chips: with his own 3rd pair the Canadian rises to 7.1 million while Polk sinks at 2.49 million

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The antechamber of the end

This hand scores the beginning of Polk’s vertical collapse. In the hand next with aT Pole increased button and then checks three roads aboard Q6k8th3 as does Khun, who confirms at the showdown that he did misunderstood his cards saw that announces ‘ten to the power’, but becomes T4 for the Color who hands him the pot.

A little later comes the giving hand bracelet and $507,000 to the Canadian: Doug Polk goes after Khun’s bull’s-eye everything in it for 1.53M with K8thKhun Snappa with KT come on smooth board wins the tournament!

What chance did Polk have of winning the hand after the turn?

With his project from bilateral scale flopped, Polk waited for the turn to gas with a full-bodied raise.

As we can see on our odds calculator, Polk could get his bet after a semi-bluff Flow once out of 4: in addition to 8 outs In fact, the US specialist should have seen what happened to him on the straight Direction even if in the last street one of the three women that stayed in the deck:

Polk Khun Bluff Turn Equity

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