Twister with the maximum multiplier on iPoker won by Danilo Spampinato: here is the video recording!

Fortune hit iPoker (Sisal, SNAI) hard. At around 4.15pm on Thursday afternoon, a €20 buy-in Twister hit the maximum multiplier!

At this point, the three lucky entrants “SVPaky192626”, “MELO062” and Danilo “Pocho69Ciro” Spampinato had already guaranteed the minimum prize of €2,000 for third place. The 15,000 euros of the first coin then went to the 32-year-old from Catania.

Everything in 24 hands

In accordance with the tradition of the format, as you can see in the video recording below, the game was decided in a matter of minutes: Spampinato was enough to decide the win 24 hands.

The fourth hand of play saw the first elimination, with “MELO062” limping “Pocho69Ciro” from the big blind with “Doyle Brunson” and going down as a player on a smooth board.

The heads-up game was close. On several occasions, Spampinato played all in preflop as the favorite for the match and then saw the chips go to his opponent. In the showdown that gave him the win and condemned “SVPaky192626” to settle for the €3,000 owed to runner-up, the Sicilian got lucky instead (A8>AK).

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What Spampinato said

In an interview with his colleagues at AssoPoker, Spampinato revealed that he had already won a Twister x1000 five months ago, but didn’t appreciate the joy of the moment on that occasion as he regularly played the higher buy-in Twister.

This time, however, he cheered and plans to celebrate with friends. The 32-year-old from Catania, who now plays the €20 and €50 Twisters, plans to use a small portion of his winnings for a permanent transfer to the €50 and €100 Twisters with the Prospect of a return to the €200 Twisters before the end of the year.

“The opponents were two occasionally, two nicknames were never seen. One of the two decided to play for money in the third hand with two cards like this, he had T-2, maybe he thought he was Doyle Brunson. The casual player who came to the heads up game seemed a bit more experienced, was quite aggressive, wasn’t afraid of the high multiplier and even bluffed me in some situations. It was quite aggressive, not the classic detail where you see the multiplier up and you always start folding, which by the way also happened with the Twister x1000 that I played a few months ago.”

video playback

Here is the complete video recording of the Twister x1,000 won by Danilo Spampinato on Thursday afternoon:

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