Dealing with Downturns: Are You Doing It Right?

A steel spirit and an iron will to overcome difficult times. These two qualities must always be part of the Baggage of every self-respecting poker player and that above all he wants to achieve certain results.

Anything revolving around variance entails a set of actions and reactions that cannot always be managed with a mindset that is not predisposed to keeping one of the most enduring dangers in a good player’s career at bay: the inclination.

Long periods of downturns

As for the speechTilt“, we stayed long and most importantly frequently when it was necessary, but This topic is one of the most clicked on on our portal and that means no one is exempt. So we’ll be back soon.

But what we want to highlight and somehow test in this article is yours mental hardening short term, regardless of the individual sessions that could cause the above bias.

In fact, it is well known that Texas Hold’Em, both in tournament and cash game form, is a promotional game high variance And rest assured, you can also be the best players in the world of specialty whose dynamic you cannot escape swing, always around the corner if you play with a certain continuity.

When variance rears its ugliest face, the speech is amplified many times over if you’re a player accustomed to low buy-ins, for the simple reason the starting fieldNow let’s talk about tournaments. It is often populated by a significant number of players higher than averageprecisely because of the nature of the reduced registration costs that attract a larger number of participants.

Additionally, the skills of the strongest players are often reduced to a patch at individual points due to the presence of more players seeing at least the first three community cards, the flop. Of course, this introduces a good percentage of unpredictability, since even in the event of an all-in, it will be difficult, sometimes even impossible, to get rid of them. Everyone is ready to break out with impunity, even when dealing with the boards that would be advised most sent to get out of the shot in question.

The difference between short and long term

It goes without saying that the whole discussion turns in our favor in the long run if we want to make it a mere matter of percentages and more importantly results if we are among that small percentage of winning players if we always have them place on top, There’s no way we’re going to be losers in the long run at the end of a reasonable amount of time.

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However, this is not for a limited period of time where killer variance can create more than one problem for us.

And let’s not even bank roll If you are in danger you will never face any problems playing with the traps dictated by common sense. Let’s talk about the times that you have to face with a certain caution because if you let yourself be carried away by them, then they will be real pains.

Also, in the face of these trying times, it can be compelling to make impulsive decisions or play recklessly to recoup losses. However, this can often lead to further losses. The advice is to stick with your usual strategy and resist the urge to contribute drastic changes in response to short-term results.

On the other hand, what sense would there be in giving up the path if it were objectively right to undertake one? path never trodden before, Just because this variance villain is playing a trick on us doesn’t make it funny.

In this way, to our negative phase, which, we repeat, will happen more or less cyclically, we would add wrong decisions that, yes, will cause us to lose more sessions and more money.

Feet on the ground, keep playing our A-Game and calm will slowly return.

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