Daniel Negreanu’s session at the college home game

“Add a chair to the table and there’s an extra Negreanu!”

Let’s imagine that Wonder and the wonder of Boys I have to play this session with friends with blinds of 25-50 cents, they were told master from home that the six times with bracelets would join them to match.

All about social media

There participation by Negreanu allo home games the boy was born on Social. wearing the Dog The Canadian was strolling approached by a man she has never seen before, even though he lives in his own house vicinity:

“My friends are coming over in an hour to play our last game together before we go to college. I know that’s a lot to ask, but could you stop by to say hello? – She asked him.

The Canadian he continued to start Social a poll about him Fan. More than 45,000 users and the result was overwhelming.

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Galvanized by Result of the survey, Negreanu’s neighbor left one comment with the words “Please come! From 7.30 a.m. whenever you want”, fitted From the photo of him and his friends holding their hands a month ago. prayer what you see above under the title.

Santa Claus is coming

keep wedding ring to the results of Opinion pollNegreanu arrived on home games of new college students with one bag full of gadgets from the poker room it belongs to Celebrity Endorsement.

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THE Boys They were waiting for him there Splitssomeone even with Necktie. Some of them will go inside University the so-called “Ivy League”, which brings together eight well-known companies university of the Northeast American.

Negreanu stayed impressed from the musical selections of the “cultured young men” featured throughout Length of time of the game they have a background from classical music.

The Canadian He also shared the latest on social media his hand the session he was in All in before the flop with AK, win.

Before leaving, Negreanu has returned to all boys Profit an evening that we are sure will remain for her unforgettable.

The reactions

There Decision by Negreanu to accompany the “initiation rite” of the young boys was greeted with applause from numerous Colleagues.

“You’re the best there,” Matt wrote Berkey.

“The greatest poker ambassador of all time – has instead written Ryan Riess, 2013 WSOP Main Event winner.

“Imagine watching Daniel Negreanu win your $50 home game when you’re 21 – that’s that comment by Joey Ingram.

“This is a great thing,” Jeremy Ausmus wrote instead.

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