High Stakes Poker: Season 11 begins with a royal flush. Here is the hand

In the evening of Monday, August 7th The first episode of Season 11 aired on PokerGo High stakes pokerthe success format of Poker Cash Games which continues to produce converts and which, if there is so much for us to see the start of the new season, will be at least as spectacular as the previous ones.

All very low at the start of the HSP season

All six players who started this edition showed up at the starting line with a stack of at least €1000 $500,000 and with a juicy initial $4,000 straddle, they managed to stay in the table through the end of the first day.

This is the situation when the dealer was instructed to deal the first hand of day 1 of season 11:

Rick Solomon $837,000
Andrew Robl $664,000
Jean Robert Bellande $597,000
Charles Yu $564,000
Rob Yong $506,000
FerdinandPutra $500,000

As you can see, these are quite familiar names, all excellent players in their fields, as one would expect from high stakes poker.

But as usual, in a very short period of time, occupied by a few hours of streaming, Skills are not enough It’s important for every player to bring home a win, hands matter and there were many hands played on Monday night.

Royal flush, how to extract value?

Shortly after the stream started Putra decided to open one $11,000 with K Q from UTG+1, called by the small blind, which is occupied Yu with a J.

The two faced off in a fireworks flop where 3 ruled Q kwhich achieved top performance two Pair to the original raiser and to the Royal Flush Draw to Yu. Yu checked to see Putra continue bet $10,000, who then called his opponent’s check-raise to $25,000.

This draw came about immediately on the turn when the dealer hit a bad 10. This time Yu led to $25,000just as big as the check-raise, called again by his opponent who, with a point as important as his two pairs, couldn’t help but call even considering it the extreme depth of the stacks.

The big problem for Yu instead manifested on the final community card, which manifested as a 6 Unfortunately, Yu’s diligence in finding the right size to make his opponent pay wasn’t enough to complete the job Putra’s herd that had no clubs in their hands.

Bellande without luck

Later, he too began to use force to enter the race Bellandeespecially on two occasions.

In game one, he opened for $20,000 under the gun with pocket black 10s, a $9,000 straddle and a big 3-bet of Robl was in the small blind at $90,000 with 4 6called by the original raiser.

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The first among the community cards, A 7 5made the 3bettor lean towards a $60,000 continuation bet. Bellande felt that the fold didn’t count with such an action from a very aggressive player like Robl and called again, creating a monstrous pot.

a 3 fell on the turn and Bellande made it draw dead lightning quick, but that didn’t mean he surrendered to Bellande’s second bullet, this time around $125,000.

The river ended the dance with a 7 not very pretty for Robl, who would have liked to see a card that didn’t fit the board. His check settled a check from Bellande, who had to resign upon seeing the check his opponent is straight.

In the second pot of the day, Bellande attempted to force what he thought was a strong river bet with his second pair, no kicker, 8s 5on a 7 board 8th 2 3 J. The bet in question had a size of $60,000 and a total pot of $346,000called by Solomon who fobbed off the American with a K[8] P[8].

Season 11, Episode 2 of High stakes poker will be broadcast on PokerGO next Monday (14 August) at 5:00 p.m.

JR Bellande homepage photo courtesy of PokerGo

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