Poker Live: Phil Ivey Turbo wins Triton Series for 1M, Dan Cates wins Main Event

Couldn’t miss the signature of Phil Ivey in the Triton series.

The Stars and Stripes player was close to success in the opening days of the London event and now that the event is coming to a close, here is the champion’s ring. Phil Ivey triumphs in $60,000 NLH Turbo For $1,007,000 and inscribes his name in the tritons for the fourth time.

The successful poker game of the 10-time WSOP champion involves another phenomenon such as Dan Cates: “Jungleman12” dominates the final table of $125,000 Main Event in the English capital and will have to deal with a crazy field in particular.

Meanwhile, at the King’s Casino, no blue reaches the last day and for our compatriots the race begins €130 Poker Mastersstops on the second day.

Let’s look at that in detail.

Triton Series: Phil Ivey’s Paw

A victory that was in the air and is materializing $60,000 turbos in the Triton series for Phil Ivey. The 10-time WSOP champion doesn’t ignore the last day of the tournament: the event drew 61 players for a prize pool of 3,660,000 Dollar. Eleven positions invested by rewards, with $91,500 minimum cash e.g 1,007,000 first money dollars.

The last one missing the “In the Money” section is Kiat Lee whose A-9 ricochets off QQs Bye thing. Once the bubble bursts, Henrik Hecklen and Santhosh Suvarna will head to the box office. The Indian’s elimination sends the rest of the squad to the official final table. Sam Greenwood Shortly after, he fails to find a comeback and finishes in ninth place.

In the meantime Phil Ivey dominates the count and takes several scalps. Especially with four players left, the king revs up the engine and eliminates Rodrigo Selouan: yy vs. Brazilian straight draw. For both there is no glory Nick Petrangelo which side ahead AQ vs A-8 by Ivey, but the future champion hits an 8 on the flop.

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Then it’s on to the last duel: Phil has a miserable chip advantage Cary Katz and complete games in no time. The runner-up calls all-in Ak and Ivey Snappa with F-8. Excursions by ladies on the board for Phil Ivey who becomes champion at the Triton Series for the fourth time in his career and concedes 1,007,000 Dollar.

The payout

1 – Phil Ivey, USA – $1,007,000
2 – Cary Katz, USA – $715,500
3 – Nick Petrangelo, USA – $468,900
4 – Rodrigo Selouan, Brazil – $360,000
5 – Aleks Ponakovs, Latvia – $285,500
6 – Biao Ding, China – $223,200
7 – Tan Xuan, Malaysia – $175,700
8 – Wai Kin Yong, Malaysia – $137,200
9 – Sam Greenwood, Canada – $104,000

Triton Series: Dan Cates flies in the lead role

The $125,000 Main Event starts on the last day of the race. Day 1 and Day 2 were downright intense on the Triton series 151 Players who accepted the challenge and generated a net prize pool of 18,875,000 Bills. The winning range is collected in 27 positions: it varies between $189,000 And 4,185,000 Invoices in payment. Guaranteed to reach the final table 422,500 Dollar.

Dan Cates It’s a torrential flow on day two and he’s taking the lead in the count at full power 8,200,000 Crisps. Behind “Jungleman12” hides a super field that will try to reverse the situation. In total, Stephen Chidwick which is being kept in the wake of 6.5 million. They too will try the comeback Tim Adams (5,150,000), Doug Polk (3,325,000), Juan Pardo (2,500,000) and Isaac Haxton (2,325,000).

The official count

1 Dan Cates 8,200,000
2 Stephen Chidwick 6,650,000
3 Jean Noel Thorel 5,650,000
4 Tim Adams 5,150,000
5 Doug Polk 3,325,000
6 Juan Pardo 2,500,000
7 Isaac Haxton 2,325,000
8James Chen 2,300,000
9 Mon Loon 1,675,000

Poker Masters: Azzurri game over

The Italian dream ends at €130 Czech Poker Champion at the King’s Casino in Rozvadov. None of our compatriots arrive on the last day of competition Konrad Micheli Best of Ours in 32nd place for 965 euros. 24 land on the last day, with 1.125 Euro safe in every pocket and 42,700 Notes of the first currency.

Command the squad Mephisto: The German runs away with 14.5 million pieces when he is the next rival Mak Sauka with 9,525,000 chips. The four first place winners will receive the ticket worth 10,350 euros WSOPE 2023 Main Event. The tournament attracted the participation of 2,240 paying players for a modest premium of €15,000 300,000 guaranteed tickets the night before in the prize pool.

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