Live Poker: Leonardo Drago almost makes the final table at the Triton, Marco di Persio flies to the Kings

Unleashed Azzurri between London and Rozvadov.

With the Triton series, the $250,000 Luxor Invitational reaches the final table and Leonardo Drago He stops one step before the sprint for the title: He is in eleventh place 575,000 Dollar. Talal Shakerci will direct the final act.

Meanwhile, Marco di Persio turns on the turbo at King’s Casino €150 Czech Republic Poker Master Summer Edition: Second on Day 1F and with him overtakes three other Italians on Day 2.

Let’s look at that in detail.

Triton Series: Dragon one step away from history

The $250,000 Luxon Invitational He reached the 9-handed final table. There was a long back and forth on day two, with pros and amateurs finally mingling after being split across different tables on day one. The second day starts with the latest registrations and total are 118 the payers.

A fairly high number that makes the jackpot skyrocket 29,500,000 Dollar. The huge booty is divided into 23 positions and the minimum money is played $342,000with 6,860,000 Bills await the new champion. If you reach the final table, there are guaranteed nine players left 680,000 Dollar.

When the bubble burst, Jason Koon (23^), Seth Davies (19^), Cary Katz (18^), Patrick Anthony (14^), Stephen Chidwick (13^), Steve O’Dwyer (12^) and Christoph Vogelsang (10^). It stops in the eleventh field Leonardo Drago: The comeback of the blues is huge and from behind you seem to get the heart of the matter.

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With only two eliminations from the final table composition, our compatriot sees the credits rolling and takes comfort in that 575,000 Dollar. Command of the final table rests in the hands of Talal Shakerci that flies with 7.2 million pieces. Bryn Kenney hunt him with 5,850,000 units. Also in the running is Chris Moneymaker (3,025,000) e Nick Petrangelo (2,600,000).

The official count

Poker Master: Blue Poker towards Day 2

Four Italians stand out at King’s Casino because €150 Czech Poker Champion. The cover is all for Marcus of Persius who disguises himself as a steamroller on day 1F and flies towards day 2 with the second stack. The blue one puts the bag inside 1,565,000 Unity and only Or Perez does it better: for the Israelis 1,911,000 Crisps.

In the same round they also secure the transition to the second day Konrad Micheli And Massimo Cappelletti, with 272,000 and 251,000 pieces respectively. On Day 1E is the only compatriot to have reached halftime Vincent D’Agostino which resolves at 216,000 tokens.

The tournament has reached its quota for now 963 paying with 98 promoted: All this with three qualifying rounds left to play at Kings Casino. There is a risk of heavy overlay while this is guaranteed 300,000 Euro and they are still needed 1,500 subscriptions to reach this sum. However, the Czech casino is used to seemingly impossible feats.

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