Poker ABC: The Functions of the Straddle in a Cash Game

For our article by strategy from Thursday, today we are talking about it cash games and a special dynamic designed to increase the action at open tables, regardless of what blinds are being played.

We refer to astride, This is nothing more than an additional tax paid by the trading players early position, in addition to the small blind and big blind, which of course are still mandatory.

The properties of the straddle

Generally the straddle it is not mandatory and is often only used if players mutually agree to use it, although not everyone is required to enter it at a cash game game.

This mechanism allows those who play from the workstation under the gun and later, to act last, even after small and large have made their decisions; It is usually characterized by a size equal to that of Double the big blind and his mission is to grow the pot, since every initial raise by the other players is no longer in proportion to the big blind, but out of sheer force of being of spreads itself.

That means much bigger pots and action that isn’t limited to the normal litany of standard raises played during cash game sessions in games where it doesn’t count.

It’s also a blind bet and for this reason it is not very profitable when there are players at the table who decide not to take advantage of it, since by its very nature it is a bet that serves to speak last and that is an advantage, but it is a bet “in the dark”the advantage becomes like this when we have an advantage, i.e. we are better than the other players who decide to use it.

What games do you participate in?

If you are a match player BORDER, The straddle has no value, so it’s only found in games No Limit or Pot Limit, both Hold’Em and Omaha.

It is a bet placed by the first player to act after the big blind and will only take effect if the player wishing to place it expresses their intention BEFORE the dealer deals the cards, a condition that must be met allows no exceptions on the grounds that once the player in question sees the cards in his possession, it would be void for obvious reasons.

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To take the classic example of the straddle, let’s go back to a game €1/€2 cash games, where without the straddle the minimum raise would be €4. The same amount will therefore apply as a fixed limit to the size of the straddle itself, but this must correspond to a possible one Increase of at least €8.

Once the straddle is introduced, the player becomes, so to speak “Third Blind Man”, or, if you prefer, a second big blind and has the same rights as players who would act as a normal big blind to check if there was no raise or, in the event of a previous raise, to call, fold or re-raise in turn.

straddle types

UTG’s is usually the most commonly used straddle, but it’s not the only one to have this feature.

In fact, there are Mississippi Straddle that It is used much less frequently and is often mistakenly confused with the button straddle, the button straddle. In fact, it can be performed by any player involved in the game and from any position. Again, the player placing the blind bet is the last to speak.

Some poker houses also use this“Uncapped straddle“This is nothing more than a straddle, which doesn’t follow the double big blind rule but can be a larger size depending on who is using it.

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