Live Poker: Peluso, Arduini and Sposato for a blue super trident in the top 10 in Paris

An Italian threesome.

The €1,100 France Poker Series Main Event He gives us three Italians in the top 10 of the count as the tournament approaches day three with just 48 players.

Married Fabio Peluso, Lorenzo Arduini and Gaspare They launch the attack under the Eiffel Tower and make us dream of the descent that will lead to the formation of the final table today.

Four other compatriots stop and hoist the flag on the second day after the bubble burst.In the money“. Huge turnout in Paris, with 1,384 pay.

Let’s look at that in detail.

France Poker Series: Let’s reduce sets to 48

The blues are flying in €1,100 France Poker Series Main Event. In Paris, people try to speak Italian at live poker and three compatriots take the top spot 10 of the count, against Day 3 if they stay in the running 48 Player.

Fabio Peluso confirms that he is an ace in live poker and opts for the third square of the count 1,775,000 tokens Not far from the best in class, ie. H Stephen Fabian: Romanian collects 2,295,000. He squeezes himself between the two Karim Souaid which we will find at a height of 1,920,000 chips.

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The other two standout players from Bel Paese are Lorenzo Arduino And Gaspar Married. Lorenzo was the leader of Day 1C and continued to show his strength on Day 2 with 1,435,000 shares. Gaspare almost won €2,200 High Rollers First he shone on the first day of Main Event and is now sailing with 1,335,000 chips.

France Poker Series: Four Blues in the Money

In the €1,100 France Poker Series Main Event Many Italians got into the fray and seven of them survived the bursting of the bubble. For four compatriots, however, the race ends on the second day at the cash registers. The first to capitulate was Matthew Calzoni who pocketed 2,550 euros for 106th place.

22 eliminations later, the time has come Salvatore Canalicchio 84th place earns you €2,950. At 81 left he let go Matthew Saraisfor the same price. Finally, the last one eliminated in our patrol Gianluca Cammarata who salutes in 57th place for 3,350 euros of consolation.

France Poker Series: Invasion in the Shadow of the Eiffel Tower

We come to the numbers of €1,100 France Poker Series Main Event and we have some really exciting data ahead that confirms the excellent state of live poker. In the French capital 1,384 They are currently responding in the five qualifying rounds for a net prize pool of 1,328,640 EUR.

Area “In the money” has been capped at 207 positions: the minimum payout is €1,650 while the sample preserves the beauty 211,000 EUR. 317 appeared on the second day and as mentioned, they are 48 those disembarking on the third day. At least everyone has it in their pocket €3,850while the seat at the final table secures €20,100.

The Top 10

1 Stefan Fabian Romania 2 295 000
2 Karim Souaid France 1 920 000
3 Fabio Peluso Italy 1 775 000
4 Volga Uyanik France 1 615 000
5 Matias Chervin Argentines 1 575 000
6 Juan Garcia Ponce Spain 1 510 000
7 Eddy Sadoun France 1 445 000
8 Lorenzo Arduino France 1 435 000
9 Gaspare married Italy 1 335 000
10 Serafim Kovalevskiy Russia 1 295 000

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