Aces Missed At WSOP Main Event Final Table: Could Daniel Holzner Be Saved?

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Daniel Holzner’s run at the final table of the WSOP Main Event was tough compromised from a pair Axles broken out postflop.

Was the South Tyrolean saved on the river after playing pot control on the turn?

The hand

Level 38 blinds 600k-1.2M with BB ante. On Holzner’s x2 opening with ATOJan-Peter Jachtmann calls from the small blind with TT.

flop t8th4Jachtmann checks with top set and then calls Holzner’s cbet of 1.8M.

on the 7th After the German has checked, Daniel also checks. on the 7th River Yachtman goes out for 9 million.

Holzner thinks for a while and then calls, giving the chips to his opponent. At the end of the hand, Daniel has a stack of 11.1 million, which is almost 10BB. After a short-lived double-up, he’s eliminated in a coin flip against another pair of tens (AJ

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Can you fold on the river?

Given the hand’s momentum, one wonders if Holzner could have saved the 9 million on the call river, which was 7.5 BB at this point in the tournament.

From the outside it seems really difficult that he could save himself, less than incredible soul readings or a sensational opponent to tell. Especially given his check after the turn, which was used to control the pot, but certainly also to induce Jachtmann to bet on the last street, which can be particularly large in terms of range.

Holzner had to bet nine million for a pot of 19.8 million on the German’s bet: The pot odds of his call were therefore 31%.


Here’s the video of the hand with all of Holzner’s disappointment at the end result. But already on the turn, judging by the look on his face, it seemed that the South Tyrolean had hinted that something was wrong…

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