Daniel Weinman and that weird game of golf with Donald Trump

It’s been the most searched profile on Hendon Mob for a few days, which is quite normal as that’s what it’s become 2023 WSOP Main Event World Champion. Out of Daniel Weinman You will have read a lot, from the biography to the studies to the passion for golf. In this regard, future WSOP champion told PokerGO a very funny anecdote about Donald Trump.

Daniel Weinman vs. Donald Trump, a game of golf ‘with slightly different rules’

During the final phase of WSOP Main Eventin the stream of PokerGO Several posts appeared on the final table protagonists. Interviews and jokes were useful to neutralize the downtime that is normal in an event like a poker tournament, but also served to make players better known.

In one of these mini-interviews, the topic he was asked about was brought up Dan Weinman was that golfAnd exactly a match in which Donald Trump was also involved. Here is Weinman’s report.

“Golfing with Trump was definitely one of the most interesting experiences of my life. Let’s just say there were some slight rule changes back then…”

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What was it about? We’ll find out immediately.

“My favorite might be this one. There were six of us in the group, all scratch golfers (Players with the general ability to land at eye level, i.e. with a “zero handicap”). He’s not poor, let’s say we could define him as a high handicap, but in the single digits.”

For those unfamiliar with the dynamics of golf, the handicap is given to poorer players to even out the comparison with higher-level golfers. In Trump’s case, a “high single digit handicap” means +8, +9 in favor of Trump. But let’s get back to the story.

“We had all already teeed off on the first hole. However, It was time to hit the fairway and he was already 80 yards ahead of everyone. That was our common thought His caddy, who was present on the fairway, may have made some sort of ball shift…

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