Who is Daniel Weinman, the engineer and golfer who made history at WSOP Main?

who is Daniel Weinman? How did he win over $12 million at the record-breaking WSOP Main Event in Las Vegas?

These are the questions many poker enthusiasts around the world are asking themselves today. Those who are more observant are sure to have caught up on all that’s happening on the American Main these days… But for others, Weinman’s name isn’t that well known, although he’s not entirely new to the poker chronicles of recent years!

Indeed, from the profiles of the finalists, it was very clear how the 35-year-old Weinman was doing from Atlanta was one of the favorites to win the final. Another clue was the insane quality of Daniels Rail at today’s final table. Would you like some names of his fans? Shaun Deeb, Josh Arieh, Jason Mercier and Phil Hellmuth!

So we really can’t say that Weinman’s bracelet came as a surprise. We can only marvel at how quickly it arrived. In the days before there had been a lot of talk about the sensational distance of 5.6 million that would have been at stake in the final duel on Main. The duel between Weinman and runner-up Steven Jones only lasted 23 hands. Among other things, the two stacks were also quite deep!

In the very last commercial, Weinman rejoiced in his winning call on the turn, even though there was still an 8 to dodge on the river… But fate didn’t want to punish him: a ace of hearts As the last card, it allowed Weinman to dive into his famous fans and cheer.

He deserves eternal fame among over 10,000 participants. And considering Weinman has said in recent interviews that he wasn’t very motivated in this installment of the series. His sporting engagement seemed to be even more focused on the future lately golf that towards poker…Weinman almost didn’t register for the main and would never know how it would turn out!

The Life and Career of Daniel Weinman

As we said before, Weinman’s career and accomplishments were respectable prior to this sensational Main WSOP success. His first live results, according to The Hendon Mob, were in 2010 and they arrived right in Las Vegas.

Daniel had only graduated the year before mechanical engineering, but his job as an engineer was to be short-lived. Poker has taken over his life and given a lot of room to the strong passion for golf.

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Mathematical basics and a strong propensity for competition are excellent prerequisites for a career in poker… Nel 2011 The first victory at Wynn came and also the first winning away games in Europe began with thatEPT Madrid. Even in the Spanish capital, Weinman was able to win first place thanks to a mixed tournament with Bounty.

From 2012, Weinman’s winning streak at the WSOP began to get longer and longer. Since then, the growth has been impressive. In 2013, he came very close to the WSOP Circuit title with a six-figure first prize. The appointment was only postponed by a few years: in 2015 Daniel won directly at the WSOPC Cherokee for $280,000, his best result to date.

The 2017 It was one of his best years, with a 3rd place finish at a 6-handed WSOP and a double win at the WPT! Of particular note is the first $892,000 coin of the WPT Borgata Winter Poker Open. That triumph, achieved in Atlantic City, was the richest of his career until last month…

And then we can’t talk about it 2022 by Weinmann. The American actually wore this last summer first WSOP bracelet thanks to PLO. The first coin then earned him $255,000.

The predestined Weinman’s second career bracelet couldn’t have come at a better time, at the richest and most crowded Main WSOP of all time. Will this triumph give him the right impetus to grind with conviction again? Or will it drive away the hunger needed to keep grinding MTT?

We all know how exhausting live poker is and how much energy the daily tournament routine can sap a player. We’ll see what else Daniel Weinman will combine in the future. Surely he deserves a good one for now break.

Do you think then that his Instagram profile “notontilt9” will produce more shots at the table with the chips in front of him or with the golf club on a green lawn? In the meantime, let him enjoy his well-deserved millions…

Weinman’s best live scores

  • 2023 WSOP: $10,000 NL Hold’em Main Event –> 1st $12,100,000
  • 2017 WPT: $3,300+200 NL Hold’em WPT Main Event –> 1st $892,433
  • 2017 WPT: $15,000 NL Hold’em Tournament of Champions —> 1st place $381,500
  • 2015 WSOPC: $1,675 NL Hold’em Main Event -> 1st $280,260
  • WSOP 2022: $1,000 PL Omaha -> 1st place $255,359
  • WSOP 2017: $1,500 NL Hold’em 6 Handed -> 3rd Place: $170,477
  • 2022 WSOP PKRGO: $50,000 PPC 6-Handed -> 9th Place: $155,421
  • 2013 WSOPC: $1,675 NL Hold’em Main Event -> 2nd place $154,772
  • WSOP 2022: $1,979 NL Hold’em Poker HoF Bounty —> 4th $86,730
  • 2013 WSOPC: $1,675 NL Hold’em Main Event -> 4th $77,438

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