WSOP: Sammartino is in charge of the short deck! Kanit and Petroni on day two of the freezeout

While our Holzner was eliminated in ninth place in the record-breaking Main Event, the schedule of WSOP The year 2023 certainly didn’t end in Las Vegas.

So let’s take a look at who was happy and who is still hoping for the coup in the American World Series. Two bracelets were delivered during the night and Italy was once again a great protagonist.

Walter Treccarichi and Max fisherman They placed an excellent flag in the horse. Kanit and Petroni, on the other hand, switch to Freezeout NL, where Iacopo Brandi also won. We close with a superlative Dario Sammartino in the short deck top ten after day 1

possibly 87: Mixed with Canadian Smith

Only three players took part day 4 Of these, 2,500 were shuffled and the previous evening’s predictions were sensationally disregarded. In fact, the winner was a bracelet worth over $220,000 BradleySmith from Toronto. That’s the one that restarted with the last batch.

The last heads-up vs Nghia Le It lasted a full three hours and ended with Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better. Runner-up Le settled for $137,000.

The winner’s sharp words might not have been very original, but they were nonetheless meaningful: “I never miss the WSOP and the bracelet has always been my dream; It’s every gamer’s dream“.

The final payout

1 Bradley Smith (Canada) $221,733
2 Nghia Le (United States) $137,039
3 Nick Pupillo (US) $94,681

Winner Smith with Jack Effel (Photo

possibly 88: The Closer to Shum, Macori busted in 78th place

Let’s go inside day 2 by The Closer NL Hold’em. Here, too, the bracelet arrived, complete with a whopping $600,000 of the first coin Pierre Shum. The last to capitulate was peter night for 376 thousand dollars. At the very last point, Q-2 bested A-8 on a QQ-7-J-5 board.

The Romanian race ended in sixth place Mihai Niste, the only European among the finalists for $126,660. Our Frederick Macorihowever, ended up in 78th place and received $7,500.

The end results

1Pierre Shum—$606,810
2 Peter Nigh – $376,420
3 Roongsak Griffeth – $284,030
4 Jack Duong – $215,650
5 Amirpasha Emami – $164,750
6 Mihai Niste – $126,660
7 Jixue Yin – $100,120
8 Peter Hengsakul $76,300
9 Sanjeev Kapoor – $59,790

possibly 90: four in the 6-handed championship

And here we are day 3 the 6-Handed NL Hold’em Championship. This is where we left 30 survivors chasing the final table yesterday. Now only four of them are competing for the millionaire bracelet. Phil Hellmuth It landed in ninth place for $86,118. Michael stayed in seventh place rossito for $114,603.

Last of the day was Eli Berg, fifth for $216,319: his 4-4 pair barely held up against Alexandre Reard’s JJ on a 2-9-5-9-A board. The French now dominate the count Rear with more than 18 million tokens. Behind him, however, you have to be careful of the very strong Brits Stephen Chidwick. It starts again at 13:00 local time.

The last four

Alexandre Reard 18,450,000
Stephen Chidwick 6,950,000
AJ Kelsall 4,500,000
Justin Liberto 3,100,000

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The payout

1st – $1,057,663
2nd – $653,688
3rd – $443,259
4th – $306,555

possibly 91: Treccarichi and ITM Fischer in PFERD

We come to day 2 of the 3,000 HORSES. Yesterday we left 195 stacks in play here, with the Brazilian Akkari leading the way. The bubble burst at 50 left and our Walter Treccarichi (46th) managed to win the reserve prize of $4,873. Better yet, it was Max Pescatori37th after a great comeback for $5,330.

After the elimination of Craig Chait in 19th place, the day ended with 18 contestants remaining. Counts Leonard August and Nick Guagenti dominate. Watch out for fourth place Todd Brunson, son of the legendary Doyle. There is a first coin up for grabs worth $208,460.

The Last Eighteen

Leonard August 1,926,000
Nick Guagenti 1,700,000
Calvin Anderson 1,388,000
Todd Brunson 1,285,000
Barbara Enright 1,040,000
Kevin Gerhart 966,000
Chad Eveslage 785,000
Diego Cordovez 690,000
Ryan Miller 607,000
Umeme Hoye 529,000
Andrew Yeh 527,000
Maury Barrett 501,000
Andre Akkari 397,000
Joseph Kupresanin 327,000
Noah Bronstein 159,000
Philip Sternheimer 157,000
Andrew Barber 154,000
Jack Traylor 75,000

possibly 92: Kanit and Petroni on the second day of the freezeout

Here we are with the new tournaments of the day that started on July 16, 2023 in Las Vegas. Let’s start with $1,000 Freezeout NL Hold’em. Only two days are planned, with 20,000 chips for each starting player and 40-minute levels.

After nine rounds there were 1,710 entrants with a prize pool of $1,521,900. 257 ITM positions were generated with premiums ranging from $1,603 to $236,741.

The bubble burst on day one and now I am 124 the survivors. We cheer each other on Mustapha Kanit and Giovanni Petroni! With 393,000 and 355,000 pieces, the two are not far off the mark.

Among other things, Kanit was the protagonist right in the bubble, beating Mitchell Hynan with K-5 against JJ. The 2-K-9-7-2 board definitely rewarded us. Jacob brandy then it came in 180th place for $1,753. It starts again at 10:00 with blinds of 5/10,000.

Day 1 top ten

1 Ian Steinman US$883,000
2 Dylan Wilkerson US$691,000
3 Nikolai Tulin RU 646,000
4 Jose Carlos Brito PT 629,000
5 Bin Weng US611,000
6 John Riordan US$611,000
7 Daniyal Geba US567,000
8 German Alzate Moreno CU 556,000
9 Jared PassananteUS555,000
10 James Lim US$542,000

possibly 93: Sammartino ninth in short deck!

We ended up with $10,000 Short Deck NL Hold’em The tournament is spread over 3 days, with 60,000 starting chips, 1 hour levels and late registration until the start of day 2. Here we can inform you that 84 registered players and 31 players have reached the limits so far.

But the big news is ours Dario Sammartino: The Neapolitan master closed with the ninth stack of the day, ie 217,900 shares. Congratulations to him, who prevails in a very difficult field.

The eliminators of the day include Erik Seidel and Daniel, for example NegreanuNacho Barbero, Jesse Lonis, Phil Ivey and Justin Bonomo. At 1:00 p.m. American time it starts again with the ninth level of the game. Good luck to Dario!

Day 1 top ten

1 Ivan Ermin US411,000
2 Nobuaki Sasaki JP 378.300
3 Martin Nielsen DK 346,800
4 Shota Nakanishi JP 336.300
5 Eric Wasserson US$310,000
6Robert James US$265,500
7 John Juanda US 240,900
8 Dong Chen CN 238,500
9 Dario Sammartino IT 217,900
10 Christopher BrewerUS$213,700

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