WSOP 2023 Main Event 2023 9 Finalist Profiles: Stories, Wins and Curiosities

The day off is the moment of rest for the players.

But also the right time to get to know the 9 players of this evening 23.00 Italians will take their places at the final table $10,000 WSOP 2023 Main Event.

There are among them Daniel Holzerwhich may have been little known to the general Italian public before this magnificent performance: the ideal opportunity to deepen your knowledge of the Tyrol.

So many interesting stories and it remains only to analyze the finalists on the rays. Let’s look at that in detail.

1st place – Steven Jones – 90,300,000 chips (USA)

Steve Jones was one of the most continuous in the $10,000 WSOP 2023 Main Event. The 35-year-old from Scottsdale, Arizona, stayed in the top 300 between Day 1C and Day 4. Perhaps his most difficult moment came right at the end of Day 4 when he bagged just 29 big blinds.

Steven Jones

But from Day 5, it was a definite crescendo, culminating right on landing at the final table where the Stars and Stripes player will start with the second stack in the game. Not the first final table of his career WSOPconsidering Steven finished ninth at the 2018 Colossus for $57,000 and finished eighth at the event two years ago tag teams.

in summary, 75 Big blind for a difficult player who can bring anyone into a crisis: In his live career he has convinced 270 thousand dollars.

2nd place – Juan Maceiras – 68,000,000 (Spain)

Juan Maceiras He is the son of the art of the final table. His father was one of the pioneers of online poker around the turn of the millennium: Juan Antonio “Vietcong01” Maceiras, a victorious and legendary player in those great years. Almost two decades later, it’s up to his son Juan to take the spotlight in his fight for the world title.

In reality, the 39-year-old from La Coruna is a well-known player in live poker: 1.1 Millions in live winnings, with top money being atEPT Grand Final Madrid in 2011 for 467,532 euros. The Iberian has seen little of live poker for twelve years now, but the comeback has been fierce.

Juan Maceira’s Lapido

He entered the game right from Day 2D and was ranked 85th in the count. Already at the end of the fourth day the Spaniard is in sixth place: at the end of the fifth day he drops to 49th place, but on the sixth day he is second and at the end of the seventh day Juan is in the lead 15 left. On Day 8 he experiences ups and downs, only to find a kind of middle ground with the fifth box at the final table.

3rd place – Daniel Holzner – 31,900,000 (Italy)

There are airlines from Bolzano to Las Vegas 9,379 Kilometre. But the distance has never been so small that one could support them Daniel Holzner towards the world title. The Blues restart with 27 big blinds, so they need to change tempo to aim for the bracelet that awards eternal glory.

And if you consider that the Tyrolean had hardly won before the main event 39 A thousand euros live, with his first money in Las Vegas in this edition of World Series of Poker: 652nd place in millionaire maker for $4,000. The World Cup buy-in was a joint gift from family and friends for his 30th birthday.

Daniel Holzner

Daniel thanked him with a strong performance: he often had to hold on with nails and teeth, as has happened since day 6 At. However, the facts prove the player right Bolzano who somehow managed to react and secure a place at the final table: He starts again with the penultimate stack in play and at least 900,000 dollars in your pocket. Let’s dream Daniel!!!

4th place – Adam Walton – 143,800,000 (USA)

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the chip leader. Born in Seattle Adam Walton He moved very young Vegas pursue a career as a professional player. Tournaments are almost always offered at the cash game tables at the WSOP, and they are 20 Career flags, including a 470th place finish in the Main Events 2018 For 33 thousand dollars.

In all, he has nearly a million dollars in live tournament winnings, of that 300 thousand in the World Series, but his most important result came in the WPT World Championship Las Vegas Series: The $3,000 buy-in paid off $283,072 for second place.

Adam Walton

His path in the World Cup was characterized by ups and downs in the first two days. Then 25th in the count at the end of Day 3, improving on Day 4 with the 17th box. He suffers on the 5th day, but since then day 6 he recovers, and the seventh and eighth days consecrate him definitively. He puts a clear gap on the rest of the squad and obviously has the favor of the prognosis.

5th place – Ruslan Prydryk – 50,700,000 (Ukraine)

Ruslan Prydryk He’s the player you wouldn’t expect, but anyone who actually digs into their palmares understands that this isn’t an accidental presence at the final table. The 42-year-old Ukrainian in WSOP He has only won once before this main event: in 2011. However, in Europe his wins are around twenty, 461 A total of one thousand dollars was raised.

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Two results out of all have shaped his career. A spade won atEPT Deauville in the €1,100 NLH Turbo and a second place Russian poker series from Sochi: $21,000 in France and double that in Russia. Then there’s his journey in the main event, which shows the solidity of the player.

Ruslan Prydryk

Prydryk up day 3 remained hidden in the fray, but from the fourth day he literally changed the pace and, strangely enough, by the end of the day the Ukrainian occupied the sixth box of the count day 7 and it will be the same one he will start at the Main Event final table.

6th place – Dean Hutchison – 41,700,000 (Scotland)

From Scotland with anger. Dean Hutchison started winning in 2010 but the first ring of great significance came four years later: the 37-year-old from Glasgow was a prophet in his homeland by winning the Edinburgh stage UKIP extension. From that moment his career was a crescendo to total eruption 729 Thousands of dollars in profits.

EPT And WPT are the two circuits on which he has won the most WSOP Got 11 flags before main event. His preparation in Vegas, beforehand world series It started well when he won last April 25,100 Dollars, in a deepstack event with a buy-in of $600.

Dean Hutchison

At the World Cup dean From the third day he changed the pace. Never in the top positions, but always lying in wait in the wake of the best, in order to then give the decisive pawn during the race day 8, in exchange for a pass to the final table. He starts again with the third from bottom stack but is a player to fear for the rest of the company.

7th place – Toby Lewis – 19,800,000 (England)

The most famous player, but also the one with the smallest stack in the company. Toby Lewis He’s a player who doesn’t need many introductions: just remember that the 34-year-old from Eastleigh impressed 8th Millions of dollars in live tournaments in his career. A number that makes him the most successful of the nine finalists.

His name rose to prominence in 2009 when, against all odds, he achieved victory on the other side of the world: on the other side of the world Melbourne Aussie Millions Main Event, with $1.2 million in his pocket. From that moment and for the next 14 years, the Englishman will always be one of the top players in the whole world: 2018 to the southern country, with success atEPT Vilamoura In 2010.

Toby Lewis

In the current Main Event, he paid the price on Day 8 after soaring on Day 7. On the last day Toby worked really hard and risk missing the deadline with the story several times. Somehow he grabs the last table but has to push like there’s no tomorrow to gain ground. If it doubles, it’s everyone’s problem.

8th place – Daniel Weinman – 81,700,000 (USA)

$3.7 Millions of career wins, one ring WSOPC extensiona bracelet WSOP 2022 and a title WPT. Those three achievements would be enough to frame someone like him Daniel Weinman. From Atlanta, the 35-year-old pro poker player is chasing his apotheosis after saving himself on Day 8 with an incredible cooler.

His career has been on a crescendo since 2010: he has always admitted that the success of Chris Moneymaker It brought him closer to poker and in a short time what seemed like a lucrative hobby turned into a job that brought in a lot for the American. In short, he is the most successful of the 9 finalists after Lewis.

Daniel Weinman

From the second day at the turning point in his world championship. An almost solid presence at the top of the count that cleared up with the third box of the count at the end of the 6th day. A day 7 between ups and downs and then, as mentioned, day eight to consecrate his presence at the final table: third stack in play and rivals warned.

9th place – Jan-Peter Jachtmann – 74,600,000 (Germany)

Jan Peter Yachtman dreams of being the fourth German in history to win the WSOP Main Event: it would be the third Ring for Germany in five years, following the triumphs of Hossein Ensan in 2019 and Koray Aldemir in 2021. He’s chasing that second bracelet in his year’s career, the German after the one won $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha 11 years ago for $661,000.

That score remains the highest in the career of the 55 years old from Hamburg, the longest-lived among the finalists. In everyday life he deals with marketing and advertising, but his great passion remains poker, which has almost brought him to collecting two million of dollars. Another player to be treated with caution.

Jan Peter Yachtman

Be main eventhad three distinct phases. The good start on the first two days, a significant slowdown on day 3 and day 4 before picking up from day five. The day 7 He finished third and 24 hours later secured his place in the final table with the fourth stack in play.

The official count

  1. Adam Walton 143,800,000
  2. Steven Jones 90,300,000
  3. Daniel Weinman 81,700,000
  4. Jan-Peter Jachtmann 74,600,000
  5. Juan Maceiras 68,000,000
  6. Ruslan Prydryk 50,700,000
  7. Dean Hutchison 41,700,000
  8. Daniel Holzner 31,900,000
  9. Toby Lewis 19,800,000

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