A very nice fold from Toby Lewis with the first two on Day 7 of the WSOP Main Event

performance guarantee. This year, too, the Main Event of the World Series Of Poker, in which the Italian Daniel Holzer is at the final table four years after Dario Sammartino, brought us games of absolute depth.

Today we look at a very nice field that featured Britain’s Toby Lewis on Day 7 with 27 tournaments left.

The hand

33rd level main event, blinds 200,000/400,000 with BB ante. Peter Jachtmann opens 1M 86 On the button, Toby Lewis defends the blind with an AJ.

Flop AJ5, Lewis with his two top check calls Jachtmann’s Cbet totaling 600,000. A 3 comes on the turn which the two look up again.

By the river 9 Lewis busts out with a 5M bet, Jachtmann moves all in for another 8.8M effectively (Britain’s). After 4 minutes in the tank, Lewis posts his top 2.

Why didn’t Lewis triple-bet preflop?

The overall dynamic of the hand is certainly affected by Lewis’ missed preflop three-bet with a combo like AJs, which is certainly in the high range on a button open.

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The reasons for the UK preflop flat can be anything from pot control to wanting to own the entire range that Jachtmann would have folded to one of his three-bets.

Of course, that includes the ability to manage the hand out of position after the flop, which Lewis has shown he’s more than good at doing, given the cards.

The pot odds on the call river

On the river, Lewis had to decide whether to call his last 8.8 million chips. In the middle of the table there are 22.6M after Jachtmann’s advance.

Using the usual pot-odds formula, we see that the call’s break-even point is at [8.8/(8.8+22.6)]=0.28=28%.

Obviously, when Lewis decided to compete, he assumed he would be less good with his two best drivers.

Both protagonists of this hand will be present at the final table tomorrow, where our Daniel Holzer will start as penultimate in the count. Lewis will bring up the rear.

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