Alec Torelli Adopted Italian: Sammartino also cheers for him in the WSOP Main Event

The 36-year-old is certainly one of the special observers of these last days of the WSOP Main Event Alec Torelli.

Torelli is not only one of the most recognizable characters among the remaining actors, he also earns the sympathy of several Italians. And he has every right: For the uninitiated, Alec speaks our language and has for two years Italian citizenship!

Unsurprisingly, when his big face appeared in front of PokerGO’s cameras during the main, he was presented as a player who enjoys traveling between different locations Italy, California and Asia. Something about this particular bond with the Bel Paese has to do with that Mrs. Amber

Alec and Ambra have been traveling the world together for at least ten years thanks to their work, which falls within the flexible realm digital marketing. Ambra is particularly interested in gluten free cooking on a site that is also dedicated to travel and lifestyle.

But that is not all. A local poker VIP has also appeared on Torelli’s railing these days: ours is one of his fans Dario Sammartino, as evidenced by live coverage of the World Series of Poker. Not a bad curve!

We know very well how valuable it is to vent at an event like this and compare yourself to someone who is technically prepared. The Vegas Main is exhausting even for a pro. So the presence of a top player like Dario could be crucial for Torelli in the long run.

We recall that the Neapolitan closed his main in position 429, raking in $37,500 in the process. Now we can smell the aroma of millions, the final table is just around the corner… Besides the South Tyrolean Daniel Holzner, who has 15 left, we certainly have another name that we can sympathize with. Incidentally, Holzner and Torelli are very close in 12th and 13th place of the count.

Torelli is now very active on social networks and personally thanks Sammartino for his support. At the table he likes to chat with his opponents and then he doesn’t mind an analysis of the hands he’s played in the richest main ever.

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For example at the beginning day 7 He shared all of his feelings on Instagram: “I’ve been working to be here this summer and here we are. Everyone deserves to be at the table and I want to understand where other players’ strengths lie. I want to avoid commercials where they have advantages. At the same time, I want to attack them by exploiting their weaknesses.

I don’t decide a priori about the strategy, whether I should be active or passive. I have no expectations, I want to play one hand at a time as best we can. I am excited for this opportunity and thank everyone who is keeping their fingers crossed for me“. Who knows if Alec will win hand after hand to play for the fabulous bracelet… For him it would be the first of his career after winning one in Las Vegas 15 years ago.

At the end of the day he said: “There are so many emotions at the table. I have a Error in a big hand, but it’s a dream to have come this far. Dario’s help is very important as he went through this a few years ago…“.

Torelli’s career spanned poker and crypto

According to the well-known database The Hendon Mob, American player Torelli has just over $1.5 million accumulated over ten years playing live tournaments. Statistics that will surely be updated in a few days!

One has to keep in mind that Torelli’s poker activity is not at all focused on live MTTs. Not only has he produced excellent online content over the years for those looking to improve at the game, but he also founded the poker school in 2015 Conscious Poker. Also interested cryptocurrencies and from investments.

Until recently dated his last live flag until 2016! After seven years Torelli is back to making an ITM at the physical tables and decidedly timed it well as this is the WSOP Main Event of record…

However, his best results have all come in Las Vegas. In the 2008 he touched the WSOP bracelet with one 2nd in $10,000 World Championship Heads Up NL Hold’em the series. In 2009, he placed sixth in the $40,000 NL Hold’em – 40th Anniversary Event. In both cases, he received over $300,000 in prize money.

The sums were definitely bypassed after Day 7 of the current Main Event. So we’ll soon find out how Torelli will fare in the most important event of his career (yet). It’s the chance of a lifetime for him and everyone else who’s still on the field…

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