WSOP 2023: ItalPoker makes it to 15 on Day 2, record count with 10,043 entries and 12 million for the winner

A platoon of 15 players for theItalPoker in Vegas.

On day 2D of $10,000 Main Event There are fifteen of our compatriots who have passed halftime and that means good 41 Bel Paese representatives will attempt to storm Day 3.

In the meantime share Pay 10,000 shot down in the world championship: After breaking the record on day 1D, the final number speaks of it 10,043 inputs, 93 Million Dollar Prize Pool e 12.1 Millions in first place.

Let’s take a look at what happened in the main event in detail.

Main Event: Lamanna, what a brisk pace

Pierpaolo Lamanna on signs. The blue in $10,300 2023 WSOP Main EventEarns the title of “pacemaker” among our players thanks to the biggest stack: Lamanna stacks 500,500 unit and is close to the top ten of the day. The trip is excellent too Alessio Sabatini who has big dreams after winning the Venetian.

For him, it’s 372,000 units to inflate the stack. Complete the head triptych in the local census. Diego Daquilio which is kept in the wake with 369,000 pieces. Then they advance among the others, Matthew Ferrara (260,500), Andrew Rocks (186,000) Umberto Vitagliano (111,000), Antonio Scalzi (73,000) and Mario Perati (49,000).

The blue number on the day 2D

25 Pierpaolo Lamanna 500,500
84 Alessio Sabatini 372,000
85 Diego Daquilio 369,000
225 Donis Agnelli 280,000
264 Daniel Holzner 267,500
281 Matteo Ferrara 260,500
593 Andrea Rocci 186,000
932 Andrea Andina 127,500
1047 Umberto Vitagliano 111,000
1304 Antonio Scalzi 73,000
1322 Vito Branciforte 70,000
1428 Davide Pedretti 58,000
1505 Perati Muhammad 49,000
1523 Mauro Suriano 46,000
1568 Luigi Petrone 37,500

Main Event: Hawkins flies

A name and a guarantee. In the $10,000 Main Eventat the WSOP 2023, Day 2D is in the hands of Maurice Hawkins. We’re talking about the record man of the rings won in WSOP circuitwith 15 Heights and just as many rings on the fingers. However, as fate sees it, the American player is still waiting for the first bracelet of his career.

The World Series remains taboo for Hawkins, who has not yet entered the event’s results list Vegaswhere it boasts 38 “in the money” with over $600,000 in prize money. The fact is that the opportunity could arise in the World Cup and Maurice is trying to get away with it 941,000 pieces.

Behind the leader you fly alternately Nicholas Rigby: Deep Run on Day 1D finished first in class and second on Day 2B, with 921,500 Unit. Jeffrey Shapiro completes the virtual podium in height 832,000 pieces. Also in the top 10 are James Obst (593,000) and Steve Watts (555,000).

The top 10 of the day 2D

1 Maurice Hawkins United States 941,000
2 Nicholas Rigby United States 921,500
3 Jeffrey Shapiro United States 832,000
4 Jacob Mitich United States 660,000
5 Liran Betito Israel 604,000
6 James Fruit Australia 593,000
7 Nai Hu Taiwan 577,500
8 Emmanuel Lopez Argentina 576,000
9 Steve Watts United Kingdom 555,000
10 Joseph Lind United States 549,000

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main event; Hellmuth falls out, Durrrr recovers

Day 2D, from $10,000 Main Event at the WSOP 2023, does not discriminate against anyone. Not even if you have 17 bracelets on your wall and your name is Phil Hellmut: The Palo Alto player greeted the company in the middle of the day. On the other hand, there are those who have made up ground tom dwan. “Durrrr” decided to spring into action minutes after the recordings ended.

Despite the delay, the Stars and Stripes player hammered the table right away, completing the halfway point heading into Day 3 with: 426,500 pieces. And they will be painful to those who find it in their path. Excellent performance also for Chance Kornuth That brings 449,500 units into play and is again a candidate for leadership.

Main Event: 12 million for first place

The $10,000 Main Event At the WSOP 2023 he broke the old payout record. 10,043 the official subscribers, thanks to another 500 entries throughout the day 2D, until the registration deadline. A number that will go down in live poker history and legend. You end up in the prize pool 93,399,900 Dollars, for an excellent booty.

They will end up in the money 1,507with the bubble paying out the ticket for the 2024 main event. Minimum payout equals 15,000 Dollars, while the beauty goes to the future world champion 12,100,000 Dollars: the highest amount in the history of this event and the WSOP in general.

The published figures are really impressive. Whoever clears the final table concedes 700,000$, while the ninth place gets 970,000 Bills. From eighth place, they are all millionaire prizes. Beauty dances between the winner and the runner-up 5.6 Millions of dollars considering the second takes home 6.5 millions of dollars.

gets third place 4 Millions, with the fourth enjoying the beauty 3 Millions. Obviously, these are gross figures, which ultimately bear the taxes of the respective countries of the players. In 1,661 They are progressing from day 2B and will therefore be beyond 3,500 The all-rounders at the beginning of the third day: It will be a long descent until the bubble bursts.

The full payout

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